Kate & Harry: “Are Hack Victims?”

Guess Nothing Is Royally Sacred Anymore..


IMG_0569[1]Over the course of a few months now, people have been unsuspecting of one thing that seems to be plaguing any, and everyone that is walking around with a Blackberry or a whatever type of cell phone that they may have might be having a “private” issue.


This comes up after people’s wireless cell phone conversations (65 million cell phone calls monitored), that were hacked into and surveillance(d) by their government.


There was even a story about this one guy who had his phone just turn on all of a sudden in the middle of the night while he was sleeping, after a while his wife woke-up and she noticed her husband’s phone doing some surfing of it’s own in the internet browser of the android unit.


IMG_0571[1]Weird indeed, your phone just turns on, and just goes Christmas shopping without asking you permission first LOL. Yea not good at all.


But it doesn’t stop there it seems, and there are more unlikely victims of the trending hack-fest phenomenon that is going viral like it’s no tomorrow.


So apparently two new victims have been singled out into this genre, and actually they are of “royal ties”.


IMG_0573[1]The two victims are no other than Kate Middleton & Prince Harry whom in which have had their phone conversations hacked into by anonymous hackers.

 (Yea she looks pretty pissed right there you think?..)

So you have to know that the queen isn’t amused about any of this, none the less neither is Prince Harry and Kate.


Ah but it is yet another twist to the story itself, and the twist is identified as the hacker that did the deed.


But it wasn’t a jealous royal aide that might have been “high-tech” and brainy smart, it was a blind-sided tactic used by a well know 

IMG_0572[1]tabloid to try to get any of the skinny in about any secret details between the royal couple themselves.


Dirty enough you think?..


All this done by a newspaper tabloid? It does sound unreal, but it is what it is.


This did happen, and now the tabloid known as the News of the World”  that is being pinned as the culprit.


And they were after Middleton’s personal email details and voicemail to the Prince, even though these were old (a few years back when they were boyfriend & girlfriend).


The messages were ranging from things like the two saying “Hi” to each other, to things like Prince William’s secretive love name to Middleton which is “baby-kins”.


IMG_0570[1]So you can see how that could be embarrassing s**t and uncalled for when it comes to their personal lives.

(maybe this guy got his phone hacked, but he’s obviously fighting back by “hacking” the hackers from his phone the hard way LOL) 

There was even a female that called the Prince leaving a message on his phone, and the girl pretended to give voice to William’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.


But if the tabloid was responsible for that one, who knows..


And it was also released photos that were “private”, in which the tabloid was also accused of publishing illegally.


Even other members of the royal staff have been targeted by the tabloid as well like Prince Charles’s secretary Patrick Harverson.


But now the whole surveillance matter of intrusion is now up in court, and what will happen from there to the tabloid? It may not be too pretty LOL one would think..


The judgment will of course come from the Judge, who will decide what type of restitution which is to be granted to the victims in this case Harry & Kate.



And you have to know that they will be going for the “gusto”, going for that blood, if it was me in that spot I would just go for a few million you know really let hit home to teach them a expensive lesson.


The tabloid should have the money no doubt, so I’m sure that will not be left hurting from that small expense endeavor.


After this though maybe they will think twice before trying to eavesdrop in on the royal family convo’s (via) voicemails on the C. Phone.. 


(Click to learn more about c. phone tamperings)



Kate & Harry: “Are Hack Victims?”


(By: Jaye Irons)


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