The “Stone Cold Steve Austin” Intensity Factor (JR Calling The Shots)..

Speaking Out Confidently, Is Like Opening A Can Of Whoop-ass..


IMG_0607[1]Stone Cold” Steve Austin is well-known and recognized in the wrestling entertainment industry since the days of ECW & WCW in which he was once apart back in the earlier moments of his career.


Most know him to be a smash mouth, trash talking, ass-kicking opponent that most did not really want to deal with.


But that was his persona that he brought ot the party when he gets into the ring to do battle, this of course is what one would call their “conviction” meaning simply of what you believe in not to mention how far you would go to prove your point getting it across to whomever.


In a interview that he was apart of laying out the details to his days with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), he was asked how did he like it, or better what did he see in it that kept him going from night to Monday night RAW night.


He just basically felt that he was to go out into the ring with confidence, and staying focused on the matter at hand, all the while displaying great entertainment for the fans in attendance and viewers on the TV tube.


IMG_0608[1]The ‘madness’ which was often used by another famous icon in the WWF back then (Randy Savage a.k.a. Macho Man), was basically Austin’s drive as well.


But he did mention another icon apart of the organization, but not a wrestler but a famous commentary announcer.


And the words that he said from there, prompted me to hash out this post to focus on the words he used in the interview about the different wrestling organzations and how great there were compared to the WWE. And that’s was this..


Interviewer: “So I was wondering what do you see as umm.. what separates wwe from that.


Stone Cold: “Man I tell you what um.. Well you know it was a great ride back in the day, I started off in WCW I was a good mechanic back in the day.


I got fired from that gig, then made a turn for a ECW, and hook-up with paul heyman.


It gave me a chance to channel some of that pissed off energy that I had at the time, Gave me a chance to vent then it was time to ride into the sunset then I went to the WWE.


And man it was a pure free for all competition, and then everything into the monday night wars WCW (vs) the WWE and they stomped our ass for 2 years…


Stone Cold then mentioned that a few things had changed the WWE’s ratings after that 2 year stitch, and it didn’t take much for that to happen.


He stresses that good booking (setting up the matches), then the great story-lines, and he says of the timing in the business was just right for fans which helped for the wrestlers to prosper from the sport as well.


But there was a secret niche that also applied to that as well, and that came in the talent of voice commentary..


And the voice that had revved up the fans of the sport, belong to JR.


IMG_0611[1]Better known as the voice icon of WWE wrestling (Jim Ross), Stone Cold refers to him as a “great story teller” that can give clingy details to all the action that unfolded in and out of the ring during the shows at that time.

 (classic situation when a over-baring Vince McMahon tries to over-talk a highly confidant Jim Ross)

Various situations that would lead to dramatic proportions, setting up for great entertainment action between either two wrestlers, or other chaotic scenarios, even sometimes JR himself might get dragged into the madness and chaotic situations as well.


And that what really helped to put the WWE on the map, when you have somebody that can use their voice in conversation that can pull in an audience in large quantities.


And if you were paying attention throughout this post, you might have already caught onto the actual ‘focus’ of what I just said.


Speaking.. Or rather speaking with a strong sense of purpose, integrity, and self-reassurance.


These are the key elements that can grab someone’s attention, but you have to believe in what you are saying, talking a bout, and being able to “grip” attention.


If you keep that in mind when you are giving any type of speech (practice your lines of course), or even when you engage in a basic conversation.


JR has since moved on from the WWE after he got fired (but he is in the wrestling hall of fame) but the overall thing that the fans will miss is the his ability to capture attention when he would call the match piece by piece which was done by the sound of his voice.


The thing is to that just said anybody can do the same, your voice is powerful, and what you say can always serve as the game changer in the given situation (conversation) at that time.



So to end this post this was a post about the ability for someone who can ensnare people into what they say, give ideas by the manner of speaking, giving them creativity, giving them hope.

 (classic Jaye Irons & camera photo)


And that’s the bottom line because Jaye Irons said so!!




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The “Stone Cold Steve Austin” Intensity Factor (JR Calling The Shots)..



(By: Jaye Irons)


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