Tesla’s Plight…

They Brought Silence To Him In The Worst Way


IMG_0614[1]I talked about the infamous Nikola Tesla a long while back it was about the inventions that he had created (he is most notably known for his discovery of the “AC” electric current), but many people didn’t really know what else that Tesla had invented.

That being said there was however others that not only knew about his ingenious inventions that I’m sure he wanted to remain quiet do to those bent on either control over the world, not to mention your basic “greedy” money-makers that are looking to cash in on ideas (patents) that didn’t originate from their minds.

Most individuals like Tesla let’s include Leonardo De Vinci had a problem with society, that problem was “fitting in” or rather being accepted by others that saw them as outcasts.

So you say to yourself why did people feel that way toward them?

They have so much to offer, but yet people see them as eccentric and sinister.

IMG_0620[1]Tesla had the intentions of trying to help people, and that was inventing a way to convert “electricity” into alternating energy that could power different appliances.

Back then it wasn’t as many appliances that was lining up for Tesla’s discovery of the AC (Alternating Current), a discovery that would take America and other countries into a new place or if you like to think it like this evolution.

The same goes for de Vinci he was the one who dared to find a way to take to the skies, he went about that way from ideas of how birds fly. And like Tesla, he caught h**l from others as they thought he was insane and cuckoo. But yet today we have airplanes and that was based on some of the ideals that De Vinci tried to bring to light, but others thought he was out of his mind.

But back to Tesla, and I found out some additional information about his run-ins with the most unlikeliest group that many Jews had despised with a passion.

IMG_0617[1]And that group were called the Nazis”, yea the very same ones that were torturing Jews were also looking at Tesla but it wasn’t to reach a hand out to him with friendship…

(power hungry madman dictator Adolf Hitler pictured right)

The whole purpose of Hitler wanting to take over the world (LOL that dude was a nut to say the least), was what he envisioned the moment from when he was just a nobody just ranting and raving his fancy talk amongst weak-minded individuals that wanted to be accepted and noticed.

So he formed this organization once he had some backing from his devoted followers, but he needed an edge if he was going to take over the whole world.

And you can’t just do that with just a few hundred armies.

You might conquer a little, but not the whole lot.

So he had to have been told about Tesla’s inventions, Tesla was like a SEO beacon so he was primed to attract the wrong type of characters that were looking for power, mass-wealth, and total control which are your basic motivators that drive crazy dictators, money-makers or others looking for the easy but evil way to dominate or acquire untold wealth.

IMG_0615[1]J.P. Morgan, J.D. Rockerfeller, two giants in the banking industry also knew about Tesla. And when Tesla finally came to the States (U.S.), he was already seeking a way to provide free energy for people in the United States.

(oil typhoon J.D. Rockerfeller pictured left)

But J.P. Morgan didn’t see it that way, you see I just mentioned not only dictators are looking to control you see you also have greedy ass people like this Jp Morgan guy who knew he had to double-cross Tesla.

He knew if Tesla was to find a way to provide free energy to the masses, then there would be a potential revenue opportunity wasted once it would be put into place.

IMG_0616[1]Morgan & Rockerfeller (Rockerfeller running his Standard Oil gig until he retired in the late 1800’s), was in bed with Morgan in terms of taking control of a money-making scheme.

(bank guru & typhoon J.P. Morgan  pictured right)

It would be a plot to cut off Tesla’s dream of a society that can benefit from free resources like electricity, greedy bastards like Morgan & Rockerfeller who only look to fatten their pockets at the expense of common everyday people who work hard for a living (especially those who were barely making ends meet).

And it pissed off Tesla, because here he is being control and sought after by the Nazis for his knowledge in creating weapons of mass destruction, then you have the other screw job by Morgan & Rockerfeller (because I’m guessing that Tesla came to America to escape the Nazis that’s just a guess I’m throwing out there), that were looking to throw baking soda all over Tesla’s fire Tesla’s plan to give to the world free energy though his inventions.

But don’t sell Tesla short, I’m sure he would start charging for his inventions that will be used for mankind’s benefit I definitely don’t think 

IMG_0620[1]he was easy to get over like that.

(inventor Thomas Edison pictured left)

By the way remember he did put a big scare into Thomas Edison as well, you know when he went to go work for him. Only to wind-up quitting because he completed and made some huge improvement rebuilding failed generator and motors that Edison had designed.

Edison made-up this bogus deal with Tesla to tell him that if he could rebuild his generators & motors bring them up to code in performance & efficiency, that he would pay him $50K’s (50,000) for his efforts & work.

Tesla actually completed the task, but then the scare came back to Edison that had to live up to his end of the deal in which he doesn’t.

Edison didn’t have that type of cash to just give out, remember folks this is back in the 1800’s LOL that much money has to be over 10 times or more then what it is worth today.

That would have made Tesla an instant millionaire maybe, or just shy of it.

So Tesla quit and moved on after being ripped off by Edison that just sucks.

Alright I’ll put in a link for you to read further into all of this about Tesla plus the link to my other post I did about him back then later.. 


(read on about the bulls**t that Tesla had to put up with by clicking here)


Tesla’s Plight…


(By: Jaye Irons)


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