Gravity Was Pretty Good For A Sci-Fi Flick

Sandra Bullock In Outer Space?


IMG_0622[1]Is in fact the best way to explain this movie called Gravity, from the name of it I didn’t expect much until I saw more of the movie that is LOL.


It started off kinda slow you know how some sci-fi flicks tend to do, and it wasn’t much to witness but just seeing your basic astronauts floating around just above Earth-space from their space shuttle trying to install a huge telescope on what looks like a satellite station.


George Clooney was another mystery to the movie as well, he was from what it seems the commander of the mission they also had a third astronaut that was with them even though it seemed that he was having too much of a good time doing back flips off of the side of the space shuttle to really even give a dam about anything else LOL.


I also saw a pilot in the shuttle’s cockpit, and they all were conversing on their communication devices back and forth with each other.


And after a few minutes, the fun starts.


But not the type of fun you might expect, but you would expect the dangerous type given the situation that the crew would be placed into from the movie’s beginning.


At the beginning of their mission Bullock plays the part of Ryan Stone, and she is trying to finish up a job working on some type of telescope (it will be used more in likely for outer space observing) when she Matt Kowalski who is played by Clooney.


And a third unidentified crew member that I didn’t notice except for the fact that he was just acting silly during the beginning sequence during like I said before endless back-flips off of the shuttle’s top platform.


When they are ordered by mission control to abort the mission (quit the mission), before they know it a huge heap pile of space junk debris just comes whisking at them thousands to maybe tens of thousands of miles an hour in their direction.



The unknown astronaut was stuck and killed instantly (I mean wasn’t that obvious right off I didn’t catch his name LOL at all), but both Kowalski & Stone try to prepare for the worst but some of the debris managed to miss them by inches.


In the course of the debris’ orbit around Earth, it was estimated by Kowalski that it would swing back around in certain time intervals (meaning they have to get out of dodge from the shuttle before winding up like their colleagues that was killed).


They had a plan to go for this other satellite station that wasn’t too far from them, but they had faced yet another problem..


Stone gets detached from the shuttle due to the intervention from the debris going by, and is left drifting off into outer space.


Kowalski then takes action using his suit’s propulsion thrusters, and goes after her he gets to her after smashing into her at a high-rate of speed.


After they gather themselves and get a grasp of the bearings (surroundings), they make a break for the International Space Station or (ISS) (via) again with the thrusters on Kowalski’s suit.


While on their way to the ISS station they see that it had taken damage plus it’s crew members had used some type of escape pod to evacuate from it, plus the escape parachute was just hanging out fully deployed from another capsule.


So basically trying to use the ISS to make a trip back to Earth was out of the question.


IMG_0625[1]Kowalski then tells Stone that the other escape pod could be used to ride it to a nearby Chinese space station that was floating in Earth space orbit, then comes the tricky part they have to try to catch a hold of the ISS station while rushing toward it.

(Stone gets her leg caught in the parachute’s cords picture left)


IMG_0624[1]Stone somehow manages to get her leg caught up in the escape pod’s deployed parachute lines, but she also grab’s a hold of Kowalski’s strap on his suit.


But the problem there was that Kowalski was starting to drift with great force out into space and with Stone holding on to him it would be the same deal.


Kowalski tells her to detach from him they were tethered to one another (like a rope attachment), she argues not to do so but he says it’s the only way for her to save herself.


They agree and Kowalski drifts on into outer space, while Stone is able to grab onto to one of the ISS station’s structure fixtures.


 Once inside the station itself, she makes her way through the small vessel taking a moment or two to gather her senses.


IMG_0626[1]But she faces yet another problem LOL, (dam this girl is not having a good day) the ISS didn’t have any fuel left to make a trip attempt back to Earth and she almost gets burned alive in it as well.

 (Stone goes through the hatch door of the ISS station)

She makes her way into the cabin area of the vessel where the master control to the station is at and shuts the heavy pulley door behind herself after being pursued by a fire that started inside of the ISS.


She then decides to just give-up, and starts to shut down the station’s air supply systems.


It then gets weird from there because Kowalski shows up LOL, and he is banging from outside of the station’s door of the cabin area.

And I can’t clearly remember if he or she open the door to let him inside, it might have been him that did that because she was shielding herself from the space vacuum as he comes into the ISS cabin department with her.


He tells her not to give up, and offers her a drink of vodka that he had tucked away in his space boot.

 (Kowalski tries to get Stone to have a drink on him but she declines the offer)

She passes on the drink, he then gives her tips on how to use the ISS’s rockets to place her in position to catch a ride on the Chinese space station that they mention earlier.


After the encouragement speech, and a few jokes Kowalski is gone it is now up to Stone to take action and save herself.


Stone has to restore fuel to the landing rockets that Kowalski tells her to do, and then use that to propel the ISS toward the Chinese station itself.


The other problem from there is being able to hitch a ride on the station, and it is a do or die  situation of making it.


IMG_0630[1]Stone now in position from the ISS uses the explosive decompression device of the ISS station to blast through the door and toward the Chinese space station, and yea as you might have guessed the debris does come back around at the same time smacking into the Chinese station LOL.

(Stone uses the extinguisher as a ‘substitute jet-pack for mobility to the Chinese space station)

She managed to take a fire extinguisher with her and uses it to propel her way to the Chinese space station.


She’s trying to grab a hold of the Chinese space station, but it takes a lot of effort and energy but she does it and then she gets inside of the door hatch and shuts it.


She is now in the station’s capsule area, and prepares to use that to ride it back to Earth.


IMG_0631[1]From the debris intervention it had knocked the station off course back to Earth, Stone then deploys the capsule from the station and enters the earth’s atmosphere with the capsule burning up from the friction upon re-entry.


She almost burns up in the capsule but it manages to hold up barely, she then hit the water after the space ride down into the ocean not far off from land.


And she had to get out of the capsule once it hit the water, or she was going to drown to death.


IMG_0633[1]She gets to land, kisses the ground, gets up slowly and walks away as a survivor.. 

The ride of her life no doubt.


Only thing I can say, she was f**king lucky!! And after that ordeal if I was her I would stay planted on Earth from there on out LOL.

 Gravity review link Click on it!

Gravity Was Pretty Good For A Sci-Fi Flick


(By: Jaye Irons)

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