“The Alcatraz Effect”

Most Prisoners Say I Can’t See Nothing Around Me!


IMG_0627[1]Which is exactly how they want it to be at “Alcatraz of the Rockies”, this is the place that houses extremely way out of control prisoners that are just so dangerous and belief.


So this place is so dangerous that it was designed a ‘certain way’ if you will, this specific design is taxing (annoying) to the inmates there.


But there is a reason the prison is set-up like that, and I will explain that so you’ll know why it is.


The actual name of the holing facility is called “The United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facilitythe prison I located in Fremont County, Colorado.


The nickname “Alcatraz of the Rockies” fits it best due to the impossibility for an inmate to break-out.


IMG_0630[1]LOL I had saw that new movie by Sylvester Stallone called Escape Planin which Stallone is noted to be the escape artist in any high-security lock-down prison joint.


And he does bust out of some pretty serious prison joint LOL until he finds himself getting back-stabbed by his inside guy that sets up the jobs for him.


But with the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger who is also in a supermax lock-down prison facility that Stallone winds up end, and they form an unlikely partnership to break out of the most challenging of facilities to Stallone ever.


But you see that was just a movie, LOL in real life breaking out of a prison especially a supermax lock-down one is really next to just not happening impossible haha.


And in the movie you have to understand that Stallone had people helping him for the outside, this girl and two guys were his outside go to people to help pull off distractions so he could make the necessary maneuvers to pull off his escape.


He even got paid millions $$ at a time to do the task..


IMG_0628[1]But unlike in the movies breaking from prisons, in “Alcatraz of the Rockies” it’s just not going to happen for you like that.


The place is too heavily guarded, trying to rally other inmates for help with the escape job just might get you caught up, and you might even find yourself coming up dead if you dare try..


Plus the security surveillance is everywhere LOL, if it’s any cameras in the little boys room who knows maybe, maybe not (dam that has got to be very intrusive on the privacy thing you think?).


And the ‘kicker’ to all of that what makes it even way harder to even try to form a plan of escape, the prisoners can’t see around them LOL.


They are placed into a cell where the only view they get is above them, and it’s only a slanted viewing window at that.. Ah yea almost forgot, plus you have attack dogs on patrol as well as steel doors to contend with which are locked shut almost all of the time..


So the term ‘no peeking’ around is an understatement 100%, and mission impossible times 500 on top of the cool whip icing haha.


IMG_0627[1]Yes so just so you know if you f**k up really good, and wind-up in that place you might as well ask for a blanket and cot because YOU’RE NOT GETTING OUTunless you plan to die trying you see.

 (yea and no that’s not the movie cover you are looking at of  prison flick from -On Demand- that sign is genuinely real people LOL)

Even Houdini’s daddy couldn’t break out of there LOL, but a place like that is needed for the most messed-up, psychopaths cold-killers that could possibly exist on the planet.


Alright I’ll put a link into that so you can read on.. Also that post will talk about other places that are either extremely hard to enter or leave out of, and stuff like super-vaults that are unbreakable even under the most extreme conditions.



(Click on this..)



The Alcatraz Effect


(By: Jaye Irons)

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