Richard Ramirez: Night Stalker At Large

Ramirez Was Damaged From The Start..


IMG_0001[1]Where could one even can start about Richard Ramirez, I never really decided to look into his story until now.

I knew about him being a serial killer that preyed on innocent people, but the thing is about this guy I just didn’t know how f**ked up he really was in the head till I looked into his back-story from when he was a youth.

And I have to say it wasn’t a normal childhood, Ramirez would be a kid exposed to some seriously disturbing things that would be the type of things to mess a young kid’s mind up completely for the worse.

Los Angeles was the place, and the 80’s was the time that Ramirez would embark on a crime / killing spree that would leave many residents in total terror and disbelief to what this guy was really capable of not to mention who he pledged his beliefs in and to.


“The Dark Path That Lies Ahead”

 IMG_0005[1]It started from his encounter with his cousin named Miguel Ramirez or who is referred to as “Mike”, and he was the biggest influence in the life of a youthful Richard Ramirez beginning at the age of 12.

(photo of Richard Ramirez as a youth)

Mike Ramirez was an ex-Green Beret veteran that serve time in the Vietnam War, and he decided or rather thought that it would be a great idea for him to share his (not to be shared) war stories to Richard which would serve as the driving force to convert him into the obvious wrong direction in life even before hitting his teen years.

He would tell him about Vietnamese women that he brutally beaten, and how he raped them sometimes killing them.

His older cousin even told the boy about how he decapitated the head of one of the women, and would even show him pictures of some of the things he would do to these females.

IMG_0002[1]Some of the photos would even show Mike raping these women among others things, and these images would find a home in the mind of Richard Ramirez.

(family photo of the Ramirez family with boy Richard in front)

I didn’t know this about Richard Ramirez as well, and this comes from his Father Julian Ramirez that was known as a hot-head due to him being easily angered (raging fits of anger).

His Father was physically abusive, and that could have been directed either towards his Mother Mercedes Ramirez and more in likely Richard himself.

Richard was the youngest of 5 kids.

He also suffered from epileptic seizures up until his teen years, then they subsided (they stopped).

So looking into his world from the start it just wasn’t good, and anyone could see from there it was going to get a lot worse no time fast.


“The Dark Path He Walked”

IMG_0006[1]It started again with his Cousin Mike this time it would be what Richard would see with his own two eyes, and it would also be the way of life that he would ultimately choose as his destiny.

Mike Ramirez decided that May 4, 1973 would be a day that would decide Richard’s role in the world, that was the day that Mike had murdered his wife Jessie due to a domestic dispute that got out of hand.

(Miguel “Mike” Ramirez Richard’s older cousin pictured right)

Jessie was shot to death with a .38 caliber revolver, and Mike was the one that was on the other end of the barrel.

After Richard saw the murder take place by his cousin’s hand, it would later send Richard into a state of withdrawal from his family and friends making him a “recluse”.

Then another bad element was when he was sent to stay with an older sister of his named Ruth, but she wasn’t the problem. The problem was who she was married to that further contributed to the mind conditioning that would feed a still young Richard’s mind yet another twisted obsession..

His sister’s husband (Roberto) would take Richard along on a “peeping tom” spree to spy on females, and even took it beyond the point of no return when he introduced him to LSD (which was the wonder drug of the late 60’s that had been popular in the events of “Woodstock”).

Ramirez would then see school as being far less important (he dropped out), and turn to his new amusement which would peg him a nickname The Night-Stalker for what he would associate in his killing sprees which was Satanism.

IMG_0004[1]He also had a thing for extreme violence, plus the twisted ideas for sexual violence and torture that would go hand-in-hand from that point on.

(Ramirez’s twisted fan-base letters from mentally twisted individuals)

He started working at the Holiday Inn motel, and would use what he learned from his cousin and you can combined that with he also learn from his sister’s husband and that was being a “stalker”.

Ramirez would start off going after a guest in attendance in the motel (a married woman), at the time her husband wasn’t around and he would find that the perfect opportunity to move in on her unsuspectingly.

But he was the one that would be caught off-guard, after he viciously assaulted this woman and he is then in the course of raping her, her husband then returns to find him in the act of the crime.

He goes after Ramirez, but to no avail because of the circumstances of the situation (the couple were just visitors out of town) Ramirez simply got lucky to avoid any legal / felony charges that could have came his way.

But it didn’t matter because shortly after he had lost his job at the motel when he decided to attack yet again another female, as he tied her up in her guest room.

He was also targeted as the one who was breaking into other guests’ rooms as well, stealing their valuables and belongs in which he was using a key-card to enter into the rooms when the guest were not present in their rooms.

The worst parts then started from there when Ramirez starting turning to the next thing that his cousin had taught him, and that was how to murder.

A girl was discovered in a hotel basement murdered in 1984, and at that Ramirez was living in San Francisco.

He was liked to the murder 25 years later in 2009, and from there he was just starting what would be a long string of murders from there after he killed that 9-year-old kid.

Months would come to pass after Ramirez would go on these “murder sprees” of his, targeting mainly females ranging from young to old.

IMG_0003[1]He would usually go about it by breaking into their houses in the early morning hours when they are asleep, and like the coward he was would then get the drop on them by using the “element of surprise” type tactics to rape, assault, and eventually would kill (some victims did manage to survive the ordeal with Ramirez) them.

There was even situations where he would kill their husbands (in their sleep of course), and then he would go after their wives after getting them out of the way.

And it was still yet another dark side to his insane nature, often telling the victims to swear to Satan that they were not lying to him. That would come after he decided to rob them of any money or valuables, and then he would just sometimes flee from the scene eventually to plan for the next victim so where down the line.

He killing went on from 84′-85′, and even though Ramirez was clearly an insane serial-killer he would still revert to cautious actions of wearing gloves not to leaving any fingerprints behind until decided to go after this one young female by the name of Carole Smith, 27.

He broke into the residence in which she lived with her husband Bill Carns, 29, and started off shooting Carns in the head just after awakening Carns in his sleep in their bedroom.

Ramirez then turned his focus to Carole Smith, he dragged her into another room started beating her telling her to swear to Satan that she loved him.

He used some neckties to tie the girl up with, then he started going through their home stealing anything of value.

After he was done he then went back to Smith and told her to swear to Satan yet again that there was no more valuables that he could steal so she told him what he wanted to here.

Before he left he told her to say to the police (they would show-up after the incident), that the “Night Stalker” was here.

Ramirez didn’t realize after taking off from Bill and Carole’s residence, that he was being watched from across the way by a resident.

As he jumped into a stolen vehicle (an orange Toyota), while he started to drive away a (13-year-old boy named Romero) sees him and starts to write down the license plate’s ID numbers / letters only to get down some of the ID of the plate.

This would give the police additional information to identify Ramirez behind the murders, plus not to mention Carole Smith’s description that she gave to the police as well about Ramirez’s appearance.

From there it would be only a short while before he would be caught, and the police did say to Ramirez that he now has a face to the public followed by the words There is no place you can hide.” 

Ramirez then got on a bus going to Tucson, Arizona to see his brother, but there was something that he didn’t notice.

And that was the buzz that was on the streets about the “The Night-Stalker”, and it was in the form of either TV (via) newspapers that made headlines about the murders, robberies, rappings, and burglary that he had committed along the crime span he started from a year before.

He was identified by an elderly group of Hispanic females that referred to him as “El Matador” (“The Killer”), and after understanding that he now was plastered on every newspapers for miles he ran out of a store in total fear.

He then ran then ran across the Santa Ana Freeway, trying to steal a car from a woman but was spotted by bystanders that went after him instead.

He then tried again to carjack two more individuals, but was hit over the head with a metal bar during the chase led by local residents.

The police were able to take it from there capturing one of the most dangerous and cold-blooded serial killers in American history, and would be 

IMG_0001[2]sentence to death by a Judge that linked him to numerous attempted murder, murder, rape, assaults, robbery charges the list goes on and on for this guy.

(Ramirez prison photo at San Quentin prison correctional facility)

So all together he committed 13 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults plus 14 burglaries.

He was placed on death row for years (execution was to be by gas chamber), eventually dying of cancer last year at the age of 53.

With Ramirez getting captured by authorities had finally brought an end to the killing spree escapades of “The Night-Stalker” once and for all..


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Richard Ramirez: Night Stalker At Large


(By: Jaye Irons)

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