Bewitched: The Encounter..

Erin Murphy On The 50,000 Watt-Blower (WGN 720)


IMG_0021[1]So I was waiting for my cousin Cedric (A.K.A. Big Ced) while he was going to buy a car from this dealership out in Elgin, IL that I drove him to.

(Bewitched DVD Cover Photo)

I was listening to the radio (WGN 720), and it was boring at first nothing really to amass but the usual talk about weather, sports, and the general news segment.

Then they started talking about Bewitched (sit-com show from the 60’s about this witch named Samantha that was posing as a suburban house wife), and the guest star was Erin Murphy who played as her daughter Tabitha was on the airwaves talking about the show back then and the cast of it.

So I remember about a week ago I was hanging out with my friend Carceina, and she was watching a episode of “The Twilight Zone” on cable TV.

I would watch Twilight Zone once in a blue moon (I liked the 90’s Twilight Zone Show better actually with Forest Whitaker), and I saw this particular episode had featured two stars that I didn’t expect that play rather interesting roles in the episode.

IMG_0013[1]Now if anybody who would watch the original “Twilight Zone” from the 50’s-60’s would probably notice one thing right off, certain stars would be casted to play some tripped out roles that you would not expect them to play.

That was the case here when I saw both Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery playing the roles of two people who are stuck on Earth, and the twister is that they are the last two people on it LOL.

That is a classic consumption how some situations in other movies might go in that same direction, and then build a story around the characters plus the matter at hand of being just the two individuals all alone.

But it was a little more to the plot they both were in a apocalyptic war of some sorts, and each believing that no one else is around to that the tell of the war’s aftermath soon find out that they were wrong.

That was because they meet up at a certain point in the episode (I think at a general store or maybe a restaurant, what left 

IMG_0014[1]of it that is), and Montgomery was first on the scene were she finds some food preparing to eat.

While making preparations to eat a shadow dons over her from the doorway, it is a solider (Bronson) that sees her about to eat.

She stops and it startled by him showing up with an invitation if you will LOL, and starts to throw stuff like pots and pans and even glass bottles at him to no avail because he dodges it all.

IMG_0015[1]Then with nothing else to throw she tussles with Bronson in physical combat, and LOL this girl puts up a fight like it’s no tomorrow haha.

Bronson wins the confrontation knocking Montgomery out, and then helps himself over to the food that she was making (looked like some Chicken & a can of Chicken Batter I guess).

He sees the girl lying there and figures she has to eat, so he takes a bucket of cold water and throws it on her to wake her up LOL.

She wasn’t pleased one bit about that, and is ready for round two but Bronson to 

IMG_0016[1] let her know that he wasn’t trying to hurt her he did that by not continuing to fight against her.

They both were dress in the enemy warfare clothing, he was from one side and she was from the other.

(Montgomery really bringing the fight to Bronson in the worst way)

She keeps following him wherever he goes, but takes multiple steps in the other direction if he turns around to look at her.

It was hilarious no doubt, she even almost shoots him with some sort of laser rifle but even after all of that they managed to bury the hatchet of hatred for one another realizing that they are the only two around and become friends at the end.

IMG_0019[1]I told that to Erin on the radio, and she mentioned that Montgomery was tough girl, and yea I had to say she is right especially after how I saw for myself in that episode of “The Twilight Zone” how she fought hard against Bronson like that.

But the “Bewitched” show was great, I saw a few episodes when I was a kid particular the ones that Dick Sargent was in.

I didn’t see to many with Dick York, those were the earlier episodes of the show from the early 60’s.

And yea the show was crazy and out of control of how Darren (played by both York & Sargent), which was her husband would get put into the most wacky situations you could

IMG_0020[1] think of because of that the fact that him and Samantha’s magical witch family oppose the two being together as a married couple.

So either Samantha’s Mother (Endora) or the noisy neighbors like that one lady that always tried to prove Samantha of being a bona-fide witch named Mrs. Kravitz.

(ending part of a typical Bewitched episode after all of the chaos subsides)

Kravitz would often come out looking like a fool in front of her husband Abner, after she might see Samantha do some magic by accident then Samantha and Darren would play stupid like they didn’t know what the h**l Kravitz was talking about and her husband then thinks she had lost her mind haha.

That was always rich LOL.

The show went 8 seasons, and Montgomery was an intense actress playing the part well.

I’ll leave a link to some episodes plus the one from “The Twilight Zone” down below ok see ya later. 


(bewitched episodes)


(“Twilight Zone”) – featuring Montgomery & Bronson in : episode called Two



Bewitched: The Encounter..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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