Never Really Got Around To Playing It Much But..


IMG_0015[2]F.E.A.R. Was just one of those type of games that was a complete mystery to me in a couple of ways.


It would be a war game that is definitely tuned into the the realm of the supernatural.


And it can throw you for a loop in many different directions if you get wrapped too tight into it that is.


But I never could, in fact I only played the game a few times before giving it up to a friend of mines.


My friend Jimmy was older and really wasn’t a gamer per se, his wife had bought him a PS3 and I had some games that I didn’t want anymore like F.E.A.R. Or Dead Space so I just gave them to him to play.


IMG_0016[1]To my surprise he liked them particularly F.E.A.R., and that was the element of chaos and craziness that would come into play through the game itself.


The plot to the game was offbeat and edgy, and it was dealing with warfare combat and you can throw in some strange because of the supernatural forces that will confront you during the gameplay.


F.E.A.R. (or First Encounter Assault Recon), was a game designed to either “trick” or just down right make the player “consumed with actual fear” which was the turning point approach to games at the end of a decade of upcoming horror / survival horror genre games which spanned from 05′-10′ in the 2000’s.


In 2014 now a game like F.E.A.R. would be considered not so scary anymore, because of the times changing so rapidly to keep up with the ‘mind-set’ of the player.


IMG_0017[1]But one thing that does not get old from the game is the testing of reflexes, in this game when the player goes into mass hysteria / incognito type mode where they see what is not believed to be real or is..

 (Soldiers were nothing more then live-bait for creepy Alma)

Which is the icing on the cake for this game plan and simple.


Then you have the creepy enemies like the creepy little girl named Alma, that the player will encounter at certain times in the game.


It seems that she can alter reality to a degree, this can become ‘surreal’ to the player, and they may start to doubt themselves the ability to rely on their better judgment.


At that point if they are not careful about their surrounds, it could spell iminate death either from her or enemy troops that yes you have to deal with as well.


LOL told you this game will throw you a loop.


IMG_0018[1]The overall plot of the game is to stop the ‘supernatural force’ that is a big-time danger, and that would be Alma herself.


Now you do get weapons to combat other enemy soldiers, you get pistols, sub-machine guns, particle guns, the only problem is though when in weapon mode it can slow down the player’s ability to re-act fast so one would have to keep that in mind when playing.


Monolith Products also made other sequels to the game like F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, but I never got around to them the blame for that is playing mainly Dead Space 1-3 (DS3 having the multi-player option online was just too fun).


But if you are looking for a classic chiller try out the F.E.A.R. Series now I don’t know if Monolith Productions went ahead and made a third installment to the game (I don’t follow the game’s series like that), but I do know that the first one that I played was pretty great and different.


Click the link below to get more insight to other games that Monolith Products created..



(Click Here..)





(By: Jaye Irons)

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