PS3 Slim (Targeting) The Misfit System…

PS3 Slim On The Chopping Block But Why?..

IMG_0028[1]Something was brought to my attention about the PS3 “Slim Edition” to the Sony Playstation family line of consoles.


And before I get into what it is about the Slim PS3 that is pissing off a lot of hardcore gamers may not come to be all that big of a deal, same time it can be a big deal which comes in the form of quality (vs) junk.

The PS3 version that I liked was the traditional larger-size console that came out since the beginning when PS3 first appeared.

And even though the PS3 did have to climb it’s way back into the driver seat after Xbox 360 stole the show or rather stole some heat from PS3’s fire, PS3 has maintained and gained ground back underneath it’s feet.

But right when it seemed like Sony was making moves in the right direction again and gamers seemed delighted with pride and joy of what it has to offer from it’s creation of the PS3, they turned around and back-stepped again back into the dark and pissed off hardcore fans of the Franchise’s dominating console.

Sony decided that it would be a great idea if they were to introduce another version of the PS3 console, this would be a big fat mistake that would put a dark cloud over there heads hence you don’t even need the rain to follow with that after the statement just said.

So what did they do wrong some might ask, other might say when they hear what it is might just turn and shrug their shoulders anyhow and say ok who really cares.

IMG_0027[1]So here it is I was surfing and saw a video about this one very unsatisfied consumer that had purchased the PS3 slim system, and he points out what it is that turned him completely off from it.

 (PS3 “Slim” version by SONY)

He back-lashed out towards Sony for releasing a system from what he states… “Sorry Sony but this Is a piece of crap.

He steps into the insults further with “what were you thinking when they made this LOL, where do I even begin.”

Yea he was obviously not a happy camper, and he did explain why he feels the way he does about the product in details.

For one was the…

  • loading times for certain games was rather slow 
  • then it was the new sliding door feature for the CD player part of the console, in which he mentions the bothersome noise that it makes when changing the CD 
  • the internal cooling fans for the system was too noisy as well
  • the consumer felt that Sony took a step backwards instead of progressing forward with the PS3 Slim overall 
  • the design looks cheap unimaginative 
  • the system isn’t not perfectly balance, meaning that the way it sits is rather tilted on an angle 
  • the plug in the back of the console 
  • the matter of the system’s laser processor being able to properly read game disks, this causes delay time for the game to load he mentions some games can take minutes to load and play (particularly games like “Uncharted III” & “Killzone III”)

Now me myself I have a friend that owns a Slim PS3, and yea I did notice sometimes when he would put in a game CD to play it would sometimes seem that it was having a hard time loading the game.

I stuck to keeping the second installment that Sony had released of the PS3, and I never had any problems loading a game once I place it in and let it do it’s magic (and I’m glad it didn’t have the sliding CD door top set-up to it)


I had an original one as well when the bulky-huge version of the PS3 came out, but I gave that one to my nephew.

But I had a beef more so with the PS3’s competitor Xbox 360 I had that system for about 8 months, and then it went out now that pissed me off.

It made me angry because I had spent $350 plus sales tax so you talking $400 actually, after that I didn’t care for the 360 and just stuck with the PS3.

IMG_0030[1]But I have to lean towards the direction of the consumer, if the consumer is not happy then the whole situation of the matter buying the product only to be let down for it’s performance or expectations is probably the worst thing and last thing that game industry or company might want.

After all money is hard to come by these days, and who wants to waste their hard earned money on how did he say… “A piece of crap!!”

LOL well put.. Well put indeed said Sherlock to Dr. Watson.


(Click to see Consumer rant on the ‘Slim’ PS3) slaughter review)

PS3 Slim (Targeting) The Misfit System…

(By: Jaye Irons)



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