Horror Movies Can Be So Predictable..

Horror Movie Run-Around


IMG_0034[1]So this is what I want to know about horror movies today, and the the horror movies from the past day.


So what would the ideal generation time-line?.. 20 or maybe 30 years?..


You see this topic really caught my attention when I saw Texas Chainsaw 3D.


And I like to compare how the previous horror flicks using what you know as “scare-tactics”, to rally up some good ol’ fashion fear in the audience whether in front of the silver movie screen or flat screen 60″ TV flat tube.


IMG_0035[1]So what are your classic set-ups to a horror flick?


Well you have first off..

(The dark backdrop and of course someone like Leatherface stalking the area with a chainsaw is a definite set-up for a messed up / scary situation for the victims in the movie.)


  • A creepy set-up of some sorts like a distrubing location
  • It could be a down-right creepy house, mansion, hotel, take your pick
  • You need the antagonist(s) of the horror story (vs) the protagonist(s)
  • The antagonist usually comes with full conviction of why they are the way they are
  • The story can either reveal to the viewers the whole low-down on the antagonist, and that can cross-over to the protagonist as well
  • The protagonist could just be stepping into a big pile of dog s**t because they don’t know what they are getting into, that is the usual way the horror story ball bounces
  • Sometimes in the way horror movies go today might even have a deeper twist to it, such as the protagonist that can find out a mind-blowing dark secret that may involve the antagonist


IMG_0030[1]In the situation of Texas Chainsaw 3D, that was the case.


The girl named Heather (she finds out her real name at the end of the movie) that the story was focusing around was left an inheritance from the twisted family that she knew very little about, except for some hear-say from her present false family that was twisted around to make it seem like something other from the truth.


IMG_0029[1]Deterred from the truth by the false family, that simply tell her just don’t go down to Texas..

 (It gets more “hairy” when Heather finds out that the girl who survived from the original Chainsaw flick turned out to be her grandmother that left her the inheritance “Verna Carson”.)

Of course it prompted the young lady to then “dig” into her murky past, even though her so called in the now family was telling her to just forget about it all together.


She would learn with that inheritance would come rules, and that would be the thing that would blow her mind completely once she puts the pieces of the puzzle together about what really happened to her real family back then.

The only thing that the makers did mess-up on that threw off the time frame of the character Heather was her age, the events from the original took place 40 years ago so how come this girl is in her early 20’s?… LOL a big oops there you think?


IMG_0033[1]Other than that Texas Chainsaw 3D turned out to be an ok sequel, I was expecting it to measure up to the original but given the plot of it that changed my viewpoint about it. But the original was definiately better.


But don’t take my word for it, go check it out for yourself and you decide!


Ok later..


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Horror Movies Can Be So Predictable..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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