“The League” (For Your Eyes Only)

Just Who In The H**l Are These People Anyway?


This is the question I had to ask myself probably like many others that have gotten this strange letter like I did, and I’m pretty sure whoever these people are they are looking to scam & rip you off in a hurry so you know me ‘hence’ this post that I type out for the readers on the net now.


So who is “The League”, and why are they contacting people like myself?


A question I said to myself which right after I could only see the red flag waving in front of my face, and underneath the letters of the title “The League” it says For Your Eyes Only!


IMG_0006[1]Ok right there you see right there got me thinking scam, and I’ll say right in a fast moment.


Let’s look at this from a perspective, so you get a letter stating to you that you are “chosen” to be the one to join this infamous “League”.


They are stating that you can be the few selected to become famous, to become rich beyond your wildest dreams LOL, to become accepted into a supposedly “secret society” right that no one else is to know about so far you all are following me on what has been typed.

IMG_0006[1]Ah yea they also claim that they know me… So how is that? Sounds invading of privacy you think umm.. YES.

 (your basic type some in google search box for people picture example)

A while back I was talking to my sister telling her did she know that her name can be found in a simple online search.


She said to me right away, but I don’t have a facebook account or twitter account and then I said it doesn’t matter if you do or not.

 I told her activity that you have done like bank transactions, the use of a credit card, debit card, registration of a smart phone, to anything even simpler like buying a bag of gummi-bears chewable candy from a local Dominick’s grocery store outlet can be tracked in one way or another.


I typed her name into the search box on Google’s search engine, and guess what…


Not only did her name pop-up but the address and previous addresses as well, she just looked in otter shock and froze LOL.


Paper-trails I told her was the basic thing going back in the day to be able to track somebody, but today it is so much stuff that can be found on the net it’s not funny.

IMG_0006[1]In fact it’s pretty scary that means that you can be tracked, and that has the potential opportunity to bring unwanted trouble your way in the case of this letter by the cool people of “The League” is no acceptation to the rule.

 (take the time to also do your own research on bozos like these that try to take you for your dollar!)

Me personally I think this league whoever they are, they are full of it just doesn’t look plausible and yea I typing it out in this post not caring if you do see this or not.


I mainly doing this not just for me, but for the people out there that has maybe fell into the loop getting scammed by a clear display of bullshit under-minding people while stealing their money so basically trying to screw then over twice not just once.


Well just wanted to drop a bomb on that, and blow “The League’s” cover all out into the open … Oops my bad LOL 🙂 .


Alright guys till next time. All yea almost forgot, I haven’t been here much lately because I have been writing my eBook (Health gentry) I’m making it a 5 part series book called Health Guide To A Better You  by Jaye Irons so that where I have been.


I will be coming back once in a while to throw out some post though, life is so busy for me I can only do so much at once! Ok guys god bless! 


Check out the page of “Rip-Off” reports about these idiots by clicking here..



The League” (For Your Eyes Only)


(By: Jaye Irons)

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