“The One-Hundred Dollar Conspiracy”

Governmental Shutdown Passed But Now Hidden Subliminal Money Messaging?


IMG_0010[1]The governmental shutdown will to be forgotten no time soon that’s for sure, but as for many Americans now what lies next is more in likely the question of the days to come.

That being said this year have already started off with financial woes for many, unemployment still is a big fat issue in this country and doesn’t seem like it’s going no where no time soon.

The Government itself is still feeding people the same old line about not having the resources and money to be able to help them in any way no time soon…

Or is that statement just another lie? A farse? Or better yet an excuse?

Many, many, many, people are tired of the hearing the same old record playing on the turntable that keeps skipping over the same line of reasons why this can’t, or reasons why that just isn’t possible at this time for us to help our citizens that are grounded here in this country.

Which then brings us back to ground zero, as to why that is.

Only certain “eyes only” can probably answer that, and with due caution not to spill too much in your lap to leave you blinded about the truth that can be cleverly hidden in plain site everyday of your natural life.

IMG_0011[1]Another example to that notion is this one, have you ever really taken the time to recognize the money that is in your wallet? I mean really have you taken a closer look at it’s design, and uniquely crafted green designs on the front and back of it?

More in likely you haven’t, and that is because most people wouldn’t waste their time to do so anyhow due to either just putting that money back into your wallet until you really need it.

No there is another side to that lovable green wonder that can either get you out of almost any jam, to getting you noticed like a rock star, or bring mass fortune & power to you in a hurry.

I saw this one video where this guy was talking about decrypting the U.S. $100 dollar bill to the point where it can manipulated, and restructured to reveal hidden events of war that is to come in the near future.

IMG_0012[1]Now see this video I was skeptical because I have to see an actual event happen if this guy predicts that will happen by folding or reverse folding of the $100 dollar bill that is “supposedly” houses a road map for war and catastrophic events to come.

I found this hard to believe even though the other side of me says it is a clever way to use the old Benny Franklin currency bill to lay out a crafty map like that, and I did see the video to all of this. All I can really say is to pray that this will not come to past of any type of war that may be destine in our future even though it is slowly starting to rear it’s ugly head.

So the only thing I can see that is a very bad situation as of now is the heat that is building up between Iran, Syria, the UN (United Nations), UK (United Kingdom), and who else but of course “US” which also stands for (United States).

So it’s Syria that is allies of the UN, and the UK is in line with the UN (also like many other countries as well). So that means if they are allies then the U.S. has to get involved because of the ties it has with UK & is in line with the UN sanctions.

WOW talk about going into a scenario with your hands tied behind your back LOL, so as time moves on this will play out to some end eventually.

But what end result that will stem from this tangled web of a train wreck, well keep watching the TV tube to find that one out.



$100 needed to tell you the truth??


The One-Hundred Dollar Conspiracy


(By: Jaye Irons)

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