Corvettes Swallowed By Museum Sinkhole Oh The Agony Of It All!

A Group Of Corvettes Go For A Bumpy Ride


IMG_0030[1]There are car lovers out in the world most know that to be case especially over seas where sports cars are a very hot commodity that just never seems to go out of style. But I heard about this one story about a group of Corvettes vehicles took a ride into the unknown that not even Captain Kirk and Spock would probably want to go LOL.

Well that’s what happened in the National Corvette Museum out in Kentucky when a sinkhole emerged from underneath the unsuspecting sports car beauties and totally engulfed them into oblivion, yea does sound too real to be true right but it happened out of nowhere.

Kinda like Triple H would say in the WWE, You never saw it coming!

Yea that was the understatement for the next century haha, because it was not something that many could guess would happen.

IMG_0031[1]And these are prized corvettes sports cars top of the line in production, and now they are just scraps of junk and riddled with body damage.

Amongst the victim of Corvettes that was swallowed into the Earth LOL was a 93′ Ruby red Corvette, a 01′ Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette, a 92′ white 1 Millionth Corvette, a 09′ white 1.5 millionth Corvette, a 93′ ZR-1 Spyder, and a 09′ ZR1 blue devil Corvette.

A few of these cars were owned by the museum itself, so I can only imagine how the owners of the other Corvettes are probably feeling right about now and that’s probably piss off because Corvettes like those are very expensive no doubt about it.

Not to get off of the subject of Corvettes, but I have to get this in LOL.

IMG_0030[2]I was about 10 or 11 years old, and never will forget this situation that my ex-friend’s Mother had with his Father one time about her 69′ Shelby Mustang (Pink) that was always parked in the garage barely hardly driven.

 (Carol Linville’s 69′ Shelby Mustang her’s was pink without the stripe in middle)

One day me and Brett was watching one of those Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor movies I think it was “Stir Crazy” can’t really remember.

But I do remember this much, all of a sudden we heard his Mother Carol sounding off loud on his Father Jack about her mustang haha.

Telling him you better not even think about it Jack!!

So me and Brett ran up stair out of the living room to the garage to see Carol at the front door waving her finger at Jack to get away from her car.

They had 3 cars, but the Mustang that was giving to her by her old man (her Dad) was off limits to everyone including her husband.

She was just seriously in love with that car, and would take it out a few times a year to drive it for amusement purposes more in likely.

So reflecting back on the story about the Corvettes, the owners had to be pulling their own teeth out in agony LOL when they found out about the damage that was done to their vehicles.

See you have to remember that these are classics, and classics have to treated appropriately.

I guess that someone forgot to tell that to Mother Nature, because she’s not buying it one bit ! 

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Corvettes Swallowed By Museum Sinkhole Oh The Agony Of It All!


(By: Jaye Irons)

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