“Talking Dreams”

Just Where Do Nightmares Come From Anyway?


IMG_0032[1]Nightmares” the typical thing to keep a kid up doing the ‘wee’ hours of the night, and that usually means that the parents will be kept of wee hours of the night trying to help their child to snap out of it while at the same time reassuring them that the nightmare was just a bad dream?


It’s hard to really say, the mind is very complex if anything during a typical day gets outta hand your mind will register that information storing it in your subconscious. The mind is like a record on a record player, whatever that is on the record will be played out eventually within time.


IMG_0034[1]The mind works somewhat like that as well, whatever you learn, experience, see, touch, taste, hear, & yes even pain or pleasure (what you feel emotionally), can trigger thoughts in your mind.


So if you witness a person getting hit by a car that would fall into the category of “tragic events”, you would be horrified as to what you have seen at that given moment. And most often it will haunt you if you let it, yes dreams can be controlled to a degree even though they are often misunderstood for their suggestions and clarity of vast situations one will experience at any given time & moment. 

REM (Rapid Eye Moment) can either be the point in the person’s sleep where the dream magic sometimes manifest or they could just be tossing & turning in their sleep trying to find comfort while they are sleeping, there is also REM disorders that can form from REM.

IMG_0033[1]Nightmares depending on how bad they may be, can take a physical toll on an individual that is experiencing them. They can also keep the person from properly sleeping if it is an extreme experience, which can lead to insomniac tendencies (sleeping disorder).

 (Clowns are the freakiest most disturbing types that really get to people)

Now all that has been said so far about nightmares are crazy and intense, but there is a little more beneath the surface of them. So here is a little more digging I did to give a little more weight to this topic matter.

 So from here we are going to do a rundown (level of degrees nightmares can go to), that might give you some indicates of how dreams can actually try to enlighten you in one way or another.


Nightmares – what they are saying or showing you…


Taking a test (especially College exams)

Failing a test that can determine wheather or not that you recevie a diaploma, assoicate degree, etc.. That’s a big one indeed!

A cheating partner in a relationship

Is another big one. Take time out for your significant other, doing so can help save your relationship in the long-run.

Flying in dreams

This indicates that you may feel free and unbound to anything, but if you feel unbound then you have no limits. That’s wild, risky, and truly indicates that you are NOT in control like you think you may be.


You probably have seen movies that can lay guilt trips on people in them about how evil they might have been so far in life, such as Ebeneezer Scrooge in a “Christmas Carol” which can give reference (watch the movie if you haven’t seen it). Guess what the idea of dying will force you to rethink your life situations, and will change you.

Arachnophobia (Night-Terrors)

Powerful nightmares dreaming about being attacked by spiders that can have you awoke for hours, this usually indicates that someone is pulling your strings (manipulation tactics done on you or vice-versa).

Naked In Front Of People

Is where you see yourself in your dream naked in public, often a feeling or being ashamed of yourself, or feeling that you don’t belong among social groups, feeling socially inadequate, ridiculed by others.

Being Chased (Stalked)

Can mean that you are trying to avoid or elude someone or something (running away from problems) in your life.

Losing Teeth

Some weird I’m sure, but that can indicate that you aren’t satisfied about your appearance to others. Low-self esteem issues.

Feeling Lost In Your Dreams

Means that you don’t have a solid grip on reality, your priorities do not have direction. This mirrors being naked in public to some degree, because you might not feel that you fit in with people through basic interaction.

Free Falling In Dreams

Mirrors being chased to a degree, this is when you feel that something in your life is out of control.


Dreams can be scary, wild, confusing, and enlightening, but overall they are just dreams. The thing is though, you should listen to them because in one way or another they might be trying to tell you something that could in fact help to turn your life around for the better…


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Talking Dreams


(By: Jaye Irons)

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