The Dumb S*it People Do For A Twix Bar

Fred G. Sanford Tells The Forktruck Driver You Big Dummy!


IMG_0054[1]So apparently this one guy had got the bright idea that somehow flew into the back of his mind after losing a candy bar at work, and why he did this I’m still trying to figure out LOL.

 this wasn’t the driver that did it, it’s just a dummy driver in the seat 😀

It’s a rather interesting turn of events that lay pivotal after one man decides to throw money into the vendor machine at his job trying to get some “oh so good candy bar delight.”  

Everything was fine until after he put his money into the machine, and this does happen sometimes after you drop your money in a vendor only to have the item you want to get stuck in the process.

 Well that was the case here that happened to this unfortunate fellow losing his money to the machine, but he loses twice because now he can’t get the candy bar that he wanted either… Bummer.   I’m thinking that he was on his break at the time that he lost the candy bar, and trying to find someone to pony up the loss change is LOL 9 times out of 10 is impossible.

  So what is he to do in order to get that twix bar you know the one with the caramel crunch, covered and laced in chocolate and you have to think about the artificial flavors and sweeteners that go into making the candy bar treat simply irresistible (not to mention losing 0.75 cents for it in the first place).  

He walks off the machine itself feeling that it won the confrontation stands proud not backing down for the man who tried to get his candy after putting up the cash to get it haha.   But then a sound is heard off from the distance, matter of fact it sounds like some type of vehicle like a utility type of vehicle driven in a warehouse.  

IMG_0053[1]It soon turns out to be just that, this guy went and brought a forklift to bully the vendor machine into giving him that candy bar LOL!  

forktruck driver ready for action!  😀

He got pretty lucky because not only did he get the candy bad that he was aiming for, but two more had fallen as well from all of the shaking with the forklift that he brought along as the enforcer.

  So all in all he got 3 twix bars (it was like he hit the Iowa twix lottery jackpot), and it wasn’t the type of reward that he was looking for a few days down the line after he pulled this dastardly deed.


So for all of his trouble he winded up getting canned from his job, but hold on it was even more to this strange story of the Attack On The Twix Bars from Sector Vendor Lock-up 7” .

 (you know he caught a ‘horrific’ Cannonblast after destroying that vending machine at work LOL)

After getting fired he decided to do the one thing that many would which is to draw unemployment which he couldn’t do, because if you get fired from a job it can be very difficult to get benefits from it.  

 If he is planning to try to fight to get them, then he will have a long run ahead of him to say the least…   But this all could have been avoided, he didn’t think to just put in another set of coins and re-select that same food item option.  

IMG_0055[1]That could have probably pushed the twix bar through and maybe the second would fall behind the first.

(the power of the ‘Twix Java’ what it would make one do to get it!)

It just cracks me up to see that some people just don’t take the time to exercise some logic but oh well what can you do… You know.

Shooting someone because of road rage is an everyday thing, some big time big wig of a corporation stealing millions from employee pay benefits is an everyday thing, UN sanctions gone array over the situations between Syria and Iran was to be expected…  

But driving a forklift truck up to a vending machine to get your twix from, because it got stuck inside of it. LOL I can’t even say that “Priceless” could measure up to that one.


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The Dumb S*it People Do For A Twix Bar


(By: Jaye Irons)

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