Anchorman 2: Revamped Already?

A Redo For Farrell & Crew…


IMG_0053[1]The much anticipated film starring funny Will Ferrell kinda fell of the track, or you can even say it just fell off the wagon and never got back on LOL.

(Burgandy & the crew making a fool out of themselves at GNN world news)

I was listening on the radio as they were hacking this movie apart piece by dissected piece, and it was for reason of course that now has Hollywood taking a closer look at what they had release with the first time round of this sequel from the first Anchorman film.

Will Ferrell’s character Ron Burgundy came under scrutiny for the lack of heart that went into this second installment plus pressing some scenes too hard, a lot of critics hit it hard on the movie because of the predictable punch lines and overly kill kill love-joy trying to hard too be funny persona that plagued the movie all together. 

IMG_0056[1]So on the radio they were talking about Hollywood going back to the drawing board, and use the technology of editing and ‘alter’ the film’s original intended plot.

(redo plans for Anchorman 2 says the movie critics on the Ray-d-yO)

This means that they are going to simply gut the whole installment from this sequel, and do some nip & tuck procedure to see if they can fix the damage that was done to this film so far.

The plot in this one is that Burgundy winds-up getting fired, from his old news job after getting married to his co-anchor partner Veronica and they have a kid. 

At a certain point in both of their news anchor careers one is doing great, but the other you might have guessed

IMG_0054[1] (Burgundy), is making himself look like a complete moron LOL every waking moment as a news anchor guy.

His wife gets a huge promotion in which she is going to prime-time news anchoring, but she has to take care of one thing first… She has to fire her husband LOL.

That’s right Burgundy gets canned by his ‘ol lady, haha that was just too much.

So he joins this world news 24-hour off brand news anchor cast, and tries to go one on one with his wife trying to out do her and steal back his lime-light in the world of news anchoring.

IMG_0053[1]So the movie from what has been said about it (I saw the trailer spoilers, so that’s how I know some things about the movie I still plan to watch it later however), was that it wasn’t that great and in the review they were saying that people were on the edge about to walk out on it. 

Yea that bad, but do you think after everybody paid their hard earned money to just walk out of the movie… You have to be nuts, I would just grin and bare it through to the end because movie tickets these days are a b**h to just buy and then don’t stay through the whole movie.

So I don’t know you will just have to see the movie for yourself to decide, and pass you own judgment on it at the end.

Ron Burgundy awaits your final call on it!


(Anchorman 2: The Review”)



Anchorman 2: Revamped Already?


(By; Jaye Irons)

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