“The Muslim Mars Journey?”

Muslims Going To Mars WTF?…


IMG_0058[1]This story got me going right from the start I’ve heard of some crazy things that goes on in the world as of late, but this one takes the strawberry shortcake big time LOL.

(Muslims on the journey to Mecca it takes place annually)

There was a statement made about a trip attempt to the red planet Mars scheduled for 2022, and it’s not going to be the usual America vs Russia vs China (China is planning to go to the Moon in 2016).

It’s none of these guys that the focus is on for this space journey, quite odd you might be asking then who? The journey is suppose to be a ‘pilgrimage’ that is to be taken by Muslims, which is to be carried out 8 years from now.

Only one problem to that theory in general aspects, they didn’t make any claims to go to Mars. In fact they are saying they wouldn’t even dream of thinking about doing it, because it is a forbidden journey that was not meant to be taking in the first place.

This is where the United Arab Emirates’ General Authority or (GAIAE) already had laid ground rules down for them to not be able to participate in anyway a space journey of any kind what so ever.

The main reason that the journey is to be denied is rather simple to understand by their viewpoint, they say it’s just plain suicide to make the attempt period so they established forbidden rules of engage therefore that was a statement that came from a fatwa law in Islam.


It also violates the written law of the Koran itself, and it was address by CNN news on February 25.

The intended mission was planning to have four individuals to make the journey there, and then set-up a settlement colony on the red planet. That does sound wild indeed I have to say myself LOL.

The “Koran” is the code that Muslims go by, and if you know anything about it in any readings that you might have seen in a magazine or on the net you basically can fathom that they cannot in anyway shape or form can par-take in anything that is not ‘just’. 

Just bringing up this whole issue about the whole going to Mars thing for them would be like telling Mother Theresa to go work at a strip bar, that’s just not gonna happen you hear me! Haha (R.I.P Mother Theresa). 

IMG_0060[1]So in their religion they just can’t simply go there plan & simple, so that leads me to believe whoever was stating this story was just on some big time B.S. (in other words bulls**t) LOL.

(Even if they did go there how would they get back? Space Taxi unlimited)

However they did say that CNN was talking about the whole issue, so the other ridiculous question that comes up next would be is it actually true?

Who knows, maybe, maybe not, these things takes time to surface in the truth department so keep an eye and ear out to see more about this tip of the iceberg claim for the race to the red planet place… Hey that rhymes! 😀 .

Oh boy that was funny it just got me going , somebody should call up Jim Carrey and come tell him to stop me! (“The Mask”) before I get started on a roll haha. 


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The Muslim Mars Journey?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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