“It’s A Real Barbie After All?”

Barbie Lives!


IMG_0061[1]This story really tripped me out beyond belief, even made me chuckle and crack-up as well simply because I could not understand how this one girl was the resemblance to an actual “Barbie Doll” action figure.

For years little girls have played with them, and later down the line they even made her significant other toy doll Ken.

But recently I was checking up on some of my e-mails on my Yahoo account and saw something crazy, I saw the unimaginable, I saw something at first that I thought –Ah h**l naw she looks just like a real?– That’s where my brain just went into freeze mode, because this girl took an authentic picture of herself in the spitting image of a Barbie doll LOL.

Have to say after seeing that picture I thought well what else is left you know, why not just have the aliens come down in their spaceships and we can all just sit down and throw back a few Coors’ lites brews and have some laughs about the situation in whole. 

This girl has a name, I’m sorry rather this Barbie girl has a name haha.

IMG_0063[1]Her name is Valeria Lukyanova she lives out in Russia, Ukraine is the city to be exact. This girl was part of a beauty pageant competition back in 2007 and won hands down mainly due to her odd beautifully enhanced appearance as a Barbie doll.

And a lot of people might be wondering just how this girl pulls that off, looking just like she was shipped freshly off in a life-sized box to her living from the Mattel company that makes the doll itself.

It’s a little trick to the magic and mayhem to making her appearance shift into what I would call a “barbie effect” mode. How she would do this is she first uses blend of make-up, and then uses contact lenses over her naturally green eyes that’s it LOL.

Now looking at the picture you probably like bulls**t it has to be more to it then just that, LOL maybe it is but only she can tell you that. Well… If she will give up the secret.

What ever she does to pull this phenom type of make-up session off, it has brought her mass fame very quick. She has over hundreds of thousands of Facebook follower and over 7,000 Twitter followers, so LOL she must be doing something right! 

IMG_0062[1]But you can probably see more of this girl through video, and that means you will need a link to be able to do just that so I’ll put one down in the description so you can check that out.

Another thing is that girl’s waist is very tiny, she said something about using both air & light as a food source not sure what she means by that but hey whatever float her boat. Alright take a look and the Barbie in the flesh yourself.

Oh man wonder what’s next a real-life Ken shows up to marry her haha! This world is just to dam crazy these days! 

(Barbie girl all too real with that photo finish picture shot!)

It’s A Real Barbie After All?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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