“The Ghostbuster’s Path”

Ghostbuster’s Spengler


IMG_0060[1]I have to tell you right off I watched Ghostbusters both the movie and animated version quite a bit when I was a teen, it was a iconic movie that never seemed to lose it ‘magic’ watching it so when I do see it I have to sit down and watch it because it was just hilarious in ghastly proportions.

The characters were wacky and out of control, you had Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) who seemed to always be lost in the entire film but funny of course, then Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd), and Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) who initially thought that that the others involved in the business of busting ghosts was a crafted “crock-pot” idea in the first place. 

The combinations of the characters drawn into the plot was ingenious largely because, that would set-up for great perfect one-liners mixed with the comical atmosphere that would lay out the mood shifting back and forth through the entire movie. 

Now I didn’t know this but the cast for the movie was intended for other previous members to play the roles at first but was changed due to circumstances.

IMG_0064[1]I don’t know that one of my favorite actors was to play in the movie role as an original Ghostbuster, and this actor was best known for his roles in “The Blues Brothers” & “Animal House”, not to mention the iconic era of “Saturday Night Live” so yes you guessed it by now John Bleushi.

But as many know Bleushi died the prior year before, so the cast was re-scripted and left the door open for other famous actors instead. When Bleushi’s spot was to be taken by another actor, and two other actors (John Candy & Eddie Murphy) that was to be a part of the cast had then decided to step away from the movie project after Bleushi’s untimely death. 

IMG_0061[1]Ramis was one of the other actors that came in and took the center stage as the parapsychologist Egon Spengler. His persona of being super smart on an ‘Albert Einstein’ type level of expertise, and had an offbeat type brand of comedy that he brought along for the ride just made the crew sync even better once the final product of the film was finally released to the silver screen.

(left to right Venkman, Spengler, & Stantz, case out a joint that is haunted by ghosts)

Ramis and Aykroyd had helped to write some of the scenes that were intended for character roles in the movie, and the later actors introduced into the movie would model after the script written out for them like Murray playing the part as Venkman which actually fit Murray’s tag-line humor, Aykroyd himself would fit a perfect character model after Ray Stantz, and so forth for Ramis as Spengler’s character.

IMG_0062[1]Later fellow Ghostbuster Winston Zeddmore (Erine Hudson) would join the crew as well in Ghostbusters 2 the movie was well-written funny to no end I thought, especially the part when “Stay Puff Marshmellow Man” (in the first movie) comes walking down the street standing who knows how many feet tall and they have to fight him LOL.

(Erine Hudson second from the left joins the crew as Winston Zeddmore ‘Ghostbuster’)

Then you had all of the weird ghost from all walks of life terrorizing the town day & night and the Ghostbusters had to go deal with it like if they were the ghost police haha.

But I did this post to recognize the talents that help put this great movie together, especially Harold Ramis who was very talented in acting and directing… R.I.P man.

 Alright see you guys later. 


(“Ghostbusters” in the making)


The Ghostbuster’s Path


(By: Jaye Irons)




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