Looking Through The Eyes of Gary Coleman

Coleman Never Had A Chance…


IMG_0004[1]If you look back at the different lives of child actors that were popular in the 70’s & 80’s, they seemed like very happy kids that were on a show with not a care or worry. Sometimes that can be true, some child actors might have had it all they eventually grow up moving onto bigger roles that lay in wait later in their careers and that’s how it show be.

Problem is it doesn’t always turn out that way, you can say the same for one such iconic kid star of the late 70’s & 80’s that stood at only 4 feet & 7 inches tall, known for the catch phrase (Wha’cha talking bout Willis?!) that he would use to his fellow actor playing the role as his older brother yea you guessed it of course Gary Coleman.

IMG_0007[1]I thought about this story a thousand times, but never took the time to really get into the whole story about him and his train wreck of a life.

Coleman had a lot of dam problems to deal with ever since he donned the set of“Different Strokes” back in the late 70’s as Arnold Drummond.

(Vintage Different Strokes cast photo)

Todd Bridges played the role as his brother Willis on the show, and the two were homeless and were taken in by a Rich guy (Conrad Bain) named Mr. Drummond who givers them his last name to take making them his sons he already had a daughter named Kimberly who would wind-up being the boys’ sister.

The show took off from the start right into stardom, especially for the young Coleman who started on the show at the age of only 7.

IMG_0009[1]On the show itself Coleman, Bridges, & Dana Plato (Kimberly), were very fortune to say the least making serious money due to the show’s success that would eventually also bring an unexpected turn of events at a climax point that would destroy them in the long-run as time progresses on.

(Coleman’s foster Parents Edmonia Sue and W.G. Coleman back then) 

It first started off with Coleman’s foster parents, when one day in the news they were being looked at as thieves to their own son’s fortune, it was the one thing that a child actor might not think about too much because they are so young.

IMG_0010[1]As a result they wind-up getting their fortune squandered because of the parents that are supposed to help manage their financial earnings, but that was just one of many things that Coleman had to worry about.

(Edmonia Sue and W.G. Coleman today)

His financial adviser was another leech that was hooking his tentacles into the money pot, not to mention when Coleman decided to get involved with two females in particular one of which that could have been the end of him period.

But before I mention his wife and mistress, I wanted to look into what exactly that his parents were blowing all of his money on. Over the years I did hear quite a bit about what they were trying to accomplish, they knew they didn’t have the means so they used Gary as a bank literally to make their withdrawals from Coleman was unaware of it all even though he had his suspicions about it.

I heard rumors that they had used some of the money for business propaganda, such as his Father trying to open up a shopping mall district or his Mother was trying to use the money to fund taking singing lessons to try to break into show-biz. Both failed miserably by the way to make their dreams happen at Gary’s expense, and I say good for them they deserved that.

They were still taking their stand claiming that they did not have any intentions to steal his cash.

IMG_0005[1]So LOL why did they turn right back around, and say the reverse in an off the camera interview that they were playing the dumb role all that time trying to deceive both Coleman and everybody else.

(Shannon Price in one of her memento face gestures showing her true ‘poker face’ love interest in Gary Coleman)

Heart-felt but false when you really look at the big picture…

Then you have this girl Shannon Price that wonders into the picture after Coleman meets her at a show event called “Church Ball”, after only knowing this girl for only a stitch in time he then married her.

Once she got in good like a cancer in the human body, she would begin the break-down process of working on whatever else money he had left to try to take.

(Anna Grey Coleman’s ex-girlfriend and business partner is yet another snake that slivers her way into the picture)

IMG_0008[1]Wait there’s still another lurking in the shadows and that’s Coleman’s business partner / ex-girlfriend Anna Grey, who also pulled a Shannon Price on him even though she was hanging back more on the reverse shift stick in that Ferrari sports car that most people would kill for.

When Coleman was really becoming ill, both of these girls was just waiting and watching to see when and where to strike like a big fat python that sits and wait for the innocent rat to make it’s journey unsuspectingly into it’s ensnared trap.

And yet there is another set of “dufuses” in the mix LOL, Coleman’s business advisers… Dam where does this train wreck makes it’s stop. It’s a runaway train that plows into building after building etc., etc.

After dealing with legal proceedings that took a few years, he did manage to win a lawsuit for almost one in half million dollars (1.3 million) for financial misappropriation that the suit was filed for against both his parents and financial advisers.

So a little victory goes a long way at least he got some satisfaction from all of the bullshit that he was dealing with, working on the TV show set as a kid for endless hours (forced), swindling parents after his money, a bulls*it wife & girlfriend after his money, financial advisers after his money. Dam that just sucks 😦

IMG_0006[1]In the end it came down to death as a release for him, you really couldn’t see any other way for him to be free of everything that was slowly killing him not to mention that he was chronically ill from various diseases like congenital autoimmune kidney disease which caused him to stop growing from an early age.

(Shannon Price “bogus” and unnecessary picture pretending to care about Coleman while in a comatose state)

He went through 2 kidney transplants when he was younger, plus he was on dialysis after-wards from the surgeries. He even had to have heart surgery that happened back in 09′, so yea he was in very bad shape in terms of his health. 

He started to have seizures up until his death, one took place in Los Angeles and he winded-up in a hospital until he was released after treatment. Then he had another when he was to do a guest appearance on “The Insider” show both of which happened only a month apart from each other in 10′.

In May of 2010, Coleman was at his home in Santaquin, Utah when he had fallen down stairs hitting his head the cause was from another possible seizure attack (as they so say).

He was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah  which is where he would spend his remaining time on life support until his death only days later.

This was a really hard story to see and read about, after reading it I just wanted to knock the s**t out of Shannon Price after taking that photo standing over Gary like she really gave a dam about him at all.

IMG_0003[1]Not to mention his bogus parents, and the rest of the crew who were nothing more than just ‘vultures’ looking to take advantage of someone who was just truly alone and so screwed. 

It’s like the line that Whistler said that played back in Blade’s head in the last blade movie… How did the line go again? 


I see you all alone surrounded by enemies, it just breaks my heart.


(Coleman’s parents try to defend themselves on today show)


Looking Through The Eyes of Gary Coleman


(By: Jaye Irons)








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