Obama, Syria, Israel, Iran, & Russia What Do They Have In Common?

Countries In Chaos Just Around The Corner?


IMG_0006[2]It was inevitable the situation that is now thrown in front of Barack Obama, it seems as of late a lot has came his way. One can’t help but to step back looking at the situation and say, dam how much more could he possibly take on?

That being said is what Barack has been dealing with lately, especially since the downfall of one of the most prominent terrorist factions (the Taliban even though they are still active), that was led by a madman bent on mass genocide who was named Bin Laden. 

Laden is now out of the picture, but other trouble is still visible. The last situation that went down was the one between Syria & Iran you can put Israel in the background as well, and because that was a nail-biting catastrophe just waiting to unfold.

President Obama was then in the midst of the cross-hairs, and placed into the spotlight to decide what should America do? Go to war? Or just sit back for a minute to see if Iran can be talked down from another stemming war.

IMG_0011[1]You do know of course when you are in politics, there is very little wiggle room when it comes to war-time, or setting a new bill for a law that others might feel is a waste of precious time.

What ever the case it can place a political public figure like Obama, or anybody else that is associated with politics into a rather “unhappy place”.

As of now you can add more weight to the other end of the see-saw swing that is losing it’s balance, and the reason for that is because of what’s going down in Russia or better yet a particular individual that resides in Russia.

So as of now it looks like another “ballistic missile” threat (Kim Jong-Un president of Korea started the trend first) that is being yet again waved in the face of heated factions just waiting to push the 

IMG_0011[1]button and sit back watching the fireworks, and Israel is seemingly wanting to push the U.S. into all of this that means they want a war.

I guess they figure that the U.S. will back them up, but they aren’t stupid they know they need firepower and back-up support to go to war so who better else to ask such as the U.S. 

(The war target zone map)

Now the thing is this that comes up in the question box thus far, did Israel go ahead and purposely fire ballistic missiles at Syria? That is what is on Obama plate right now, because the heat is on him as to what actions should he take.

Oh yea a IMG_0008[1]U.S. naval laser weapon was used to blast the missiles, and then the U.S. itself turned around to say nothing was fired. 

Then you have President Vladamir Putin Russia sitting there probably saying something like —REALLY– and waiting to see what Obama is going to do as well, why you say well Putin has to be wondering after all Russia made the claim that they did detect missile launch activity from an Israel sub in the water.

Part of the evidence is what is left in the Black Sea, that is where the missiles were terminated and was then leftover debris (destroyed scrap).

Oops somebody slipped and dropped the soap LOL.

I’m sure now that Israel is on alert after this missile fiasco attempted that could have easily triggered the big one… (WW3). 

And that’s something that Obama definitely doesn’t want, but someone might want to tell Israel that because they seem to

IMG_0009[1] want it badly.

(He does look rather overly focused yes?)

Meanwhile back in the Kremlin, Putin is still sitting there with that no non-sense Batman stare like somebody just took a big fat dump in his Cheerios (and they’re not the honey-flavored type on top of that!). Now Russia and the U.S. are not on the same it seems as well, now that all of this has went down. 

Plus you have to throw in the heated situations between Israel, Syria, & Iran, for chemical warfare that seems only doorsteps away from reality as well. Man talk about a rough presidency to deal with, somebody should do the right thing and offer Obama a life-time of free advil after all of this blows over. Peacefully we hope of course LOL!  


(War Tension Rises Steadily)


Obama, Syria, Israel, Iran, & Russia What Do They Have In Common?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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