Trading Twitter Stock Profitable Or Not?

Financial Stocks Hitting The Roof Or Falling Short?


IMG_0013[1]Facebook was the first thing that took off in the stock investment tenure, but now you have Twitter jumping into the race for stock investors. Now when you are dealing with stock & bonds you are basically dealing with the unknown let’s just put that right out there to begin with. 

Anytime you are going in on an investment, you have to consider whether or not it will be a healthy financial conversion or just a straight out bust in the piggy bank. Piggy bank meaning your invested money that was put out for the front money, which was dangling on the hopes of coming away with more money then you started out with before. 

This would be the basics to investing stocks, and trying to grow the stock so you’re putting up revenue that you think the company will make you money unless the company’s stock share raises. If it falls through instead, then you’re basically screwed because you just have lost whatever money you put up. 

So it’s just like gambling at a river boat casino yea you could win a crap load of money, but you have to front money to try to win more. Casino count on you making the mistake or thrown in more money-raising stakes between you and them (whoever is running the table and you are playing against the dealer).

If you lose against the dealer then again, you’re screwed so you get the big picture on how it all works. So Twitter has over 500 million users to boot, dam that’s more users in the movie Tron Legacy!  LOL.


So that seems like a lot of potential for revenue that could possibly be gained, but guess what… That’s not necessarily a true reality statement. Facebook right now is on the low-end totem pole in terms of creating a huge massive turnover of stock that makes money.

(the magic & disappointments of the stock market trade floor)

So where does that leave Twitter? Twitter LOL might not be any better off than Facebook, even though you have a lot of people on Twitter more than Facebook.

A Chief Investor Strategy guy named Keith Fitz-Gerald claimed that even though Twitter is getting much attention, it doesn’t mean that it’s stock shares will convert easily or even convert at all to be technical.

IMG_0015[1]The problem or reason why that is for one is the (CPA) or Cost-Per-Acquisitions, which right now towers over Facebook’s (CPA) up to seven times.

And because of that Twitter might have to consider adding a third-party partner to help gain leverage against poor returns on investments, that is if investors are looking to do some stock trading endeavors with the social media giant’s shares.

At one time Facebook faced that very same problem, and to had to go in that same direction that Twitter will more in likely have to do. So if Twitter can manage to do that, then it could put itself into the stock trade circuit making huge profit success conversions.

So look out for Twitter shares on the stock market for those who might be interested in getting into the trade game with them, never know you might walk away with a green pocket and who doesn’t like that? 


(What you should know before trading Twitter stocks)


Trading Twitter Stock Profitable Or Not?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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