HIV Prevention Shot?

A Medical Turn Of Events For A Killer Disease


IMG_0013[2]Looks like things are turning around for people who have the HIV / AIDS virus, a recent change of events have introduce a new thing called “The HIV Prevention Shot” which hit the internet airways just yesterday.

The shot procedure will be an alternative to taking the pill dosage, and is showing to be very promising within 2 study sessions. (it has been tested so far on experimental monkeys the studies conducted shows that they were protected from the disease with the neutralizer agent shot.)

This is just still in the theory stages of course which means in the long-run will it prove to be 100% reliable, time will tell that tale it crosses that bridge.

So as for now a vaccine has not been proven completely to kill the virus in the body, and the only other way to combat it will be through the use of condoms. The drug called Truvada” is a drug that is used for people who are free of the virus, the purpose of it is to prevent them from contracting the disease from the start (depending on the severity of case situations of course). 

IMG_0014[1]Other conducted experiments were done on groups of monkeys to find out the effectiveness of the HIV prevention shot for further results, the monkeys were injected first with the virus then the counter agents which is the prevention shot. 

Six of the monkeys were given the prevention shot over a month’s period of time, while the other monkeys there were in a different group were injected with dummy shots versions of the drug. The monkeys were all exposed to the virus for a period of 11 weeks straight.

They then were re-studied are group A that was exposed to the virus while injected with the dummy shot treatment still remained infected, group B was protected after being administered the real treatment drug.

IMG_0015[1]The same type of treatment / dummy treatment test was again at a AIDS research center and with 16 monkeys who were than split into groups for testing. The same result panned out yet again with eight monkeys infected after given the dummy treatment test, as opposed to the other eight that were given the real treatment test and it was a split ratio of 8:8.

That means that eight monkeys were infected, and the other eight were protected by the real treatment test. This very well could be the next major step for the fight against HIV & AIDS, not to mention that there very well could be other solutions just waiting to present itself to the masses in the near future.

(have to give the wonders of modern medicine a big fat like “thumbs up” for medical evolution)

So as of now it just hop jump and skip away from going mainstream being tested on humans, researchers right now the level of testing is at the mid-level stage then after that will come treatment testing.

Looks like things are really starting to look up fighting the battle against a long-time killer virus. 


(HIV Prevention Shot what’s next?)


HIV Prevention Shot?


(By: Jaye Irons)









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