Illegitimate Son Wayward Son: Brandon Howard Michael

He Does Hold Some Resemblance


IMG_0003[1]But is he really a lost kid of from so many years ago, that is the question that many are asking about this guy named Brandon Howard Michael ,31, this is kinda a “off the wall” type of situation you have to admit. 

Now many know that Micheal Jackson was known for singing songs in subliminal message format, meaning that he would sing about past experiences or events that happened in his life.

Even from when he was a kid it would be a thing that Jackson had keyed-in on dozens of times in songs like “I’ll Be There”, or “Just Leave me Alone!”, a talent he had to say the least very effective to say in truest proportions.

IMG_0004[1]So the reference here would be the song that was done back in the 80’s, and many know the song called “Billy Jean”. A little side note about the song as well, was that Quincy Jones did not like this song from the start, even though Michael Jackson did write it. Later after having another look at the song’s potential, he acknowledged it and help to promote the song in 83′ which was the year it came out to video and records. 

(Vintage “Billy Jean” Jackson walks and dances on the light squares in video)

I remember hearing my sisters blast the crap out of the song over and over again on the old school type players, it traumatized me somewhat because they just love the song so much and playing it to death (I would grab a pillow and cover my ears) LOL.

IMG_0003[1]But I do like the song the idea or subliminal message that Jackson says in the song, was making reference to this girl who says he was the one!! That meaning was from a girl who was trying to pin a pregnancy on the king of pop himself, so Jackson came up with the song in a way to secretively tell the girl “I’m not the guy that you claim I am that gave you a kid.

Now this is despite the fact that Micki “Billy” Howard knew Michael Jackson, whether it was through friendship only or a secret girlfriend (Brandon Howard Michael’s Mom) Brandon Michael decides now after all this time to come forward to say that to the world.

You must know if that is the case, then that means that people will start to ask “Ok so why now you come out about all of this?

IMG_0003[1]See what Howard’s Mom Micki should have done it this is true, she should have been willing to come out forward herself (unless she passed away) to tell the story personally same time back-up her son’s statements to what he is saying.

But from what records are showing with the DNA test, it is saying that it is a 1% less than chance that Brandon Michael is a lost son of the late “King of Pop” himself.

That’s gotta be one for the records books LOL.

The other question now is if the test fully confirms that he is the illegitimate son of Jackson, how will the family receive their lost relative? Will they accept him, or will they reject him?

Only fate holds that number, and it’s hidden in the cards nicely tucked away… For now. 


The Brandon Howard Michael Conspiracy

(Jackson’s supposed Son speaks out) 


Illegitimate Son Wayward Son: Brandon Howard Michael


(By: Jaye Irons)

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