Idaho College Campuses: The Gun Law Born

College Campuses In Idaho Packing Heat?


IMG_0012[1]After all that has went down with the whole situation and viewpoints on the decision to have guns in the hands of College kids on University campuses, Idaho decided that it was time to break from conservative proportions of keeping a stay-away ideology attitude to allowing guns on a campus premisses.

So you know what that means right, this pushes the 2nd amendment and if anybody know their constitution pretty well it means “the right to bare arms”. Technically it was originally stated “keep and bare arms”, but most people go with what was just said in the sentence on the second line.

This has come down from Rep. Republican Judy Boyle to allow the law to be re-written and applying this rule to Idaho College campuses, and nobody stupid we know why this is happening. In this country now it is getting pretty out of control with the number on cases involving school whether it’s on a College campus, or a high school to elementary where you can turn on the TV and see a situation go viral about a kid bringing a gun to school.

IMG_0013[1]You then know what happens from there, and the outcome is usually a tragic one. Then it leaves the victim’s families now having to deal with reality, because they wind-up losing a loved one that was special to them and irreplaceable.

(tobacco is outlawed but guns are welcomed, umm.. And how that is logical is one over me LOL)

Boyle took this stand to establish this gun law because of the time of urgency. Meaning that if a viral situation breaks out but the police can’t get there in time to stop it, then the law that is put into place gives the student the power to what you would say “fight fire with fire” to subdue a violent situation right then and there.

But many people (mainly parents) look at that as well as being just an excuse to exact more violence, or rather encourage more tendencies like this amongst the American youth that is already programmed into their minds through violent acts of war, whether real-time in reality, or what you see on TV & movies on the silver screen now.

Another Representative stepped up and voted in favor of the bill as well, and that was Rep. Republican Ken Andrus who sees the situations that take place on College campuses like many others do in this country.

The only this about all of this is the situation that it will put students into, the ability to learn will be soured because of the fear that will now be present constantly if somebody does decide on violence and everything turns into the OK Corral all over again.

IMG_0017[1]That’s the fine line that has to be considered, because once this goes into effect there is no turning back.

(cover of “Mean Guns” click here to see more)

If you saw the movie “Mean Guns” with Christopher Lambert & (Ice-T that is a syndicate enforcer) which uses his resources to turn an off limits prison facility into a playground for homicidal maniacs that have a lot of guns tossed at them at the movie’s beginning, and they are scrambling and fighting around to get a hold of guns & ammo to blow each other away like it’s a game. 


Now fuse in your mind the situation that could break out just like that even though it’s a IMG_0014[1]learning facility, but one-act of violence can turn homicidal in the worse way.

The kicker to it all is this the college students don’t want this to become a reality on their campus inside and out, despite that being said lawmakers are trying to push for this to become real.

So it’s encouragement to put guns into the classrooms, and less realization of what can happen if this is the new thing that will be acceptable in this society now. 

Learning I guessed will be up for grabs it seems, it’s sad when you really sit down and IMG_0015[1]think about it…



The more scary side of it, you do have some individuals who are just the opposite to establishing this law of allowing guns on college campuses as well in the classrooms.



Guns on the Campus Grounds


Idaho College Campuses: The Gun Law Born


(By: Jaye Irons)

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