Career Finder Or Career Rip-Off?

Are They For Real Or Just A Croc ?


IMG_0017[1]There are a lot of people who might not like the career that they winded up with and they are not happy, A lot of people are making changes due to the economy, wages, or even want out of a job that is killing you inside to go to everyday.

Looking for a job is painful and the main reason being is just having the ability to land a job, and it might not seem like it is a hard thing to accomplish however that is the case when you take a long hard look at the situation that has spiraled out of control over time.

People are getting frustrated because of it feeling that the job that they are bonded to is the only thing that they have to look forward to so they wind-up just accepting that, even though they are having a hell of a time trying to survive because they are not making enough money plus they might see that it is very little chance for advancement in the company that they are working for.

So enter this online company (community based) job finder assistance helper called “The Career Finder” on the net you can find their site at, and what they do is supposedly to help give you options in terms of the best decision to take when seeking out for a new job or career.

At first it sounded good for what they were trying to do, and that is to help people who are trying to find a way out of a job that they hate to something that they could love to do getting paid decently in the process. Then I did a little digging, cause well it just so many f**king scams out there on the net you know LOL so you gotta check it’s just basic instincts to do that nowadays.



A Dark Side to Career Change?


IMG_0015[1]So I looked them up in a search and bam, yea it did have some good stuff about helping to find a job and assisting everyday people who want out of a job that is going no where for them.

(ROR: Rip-off Report page on these guys? WTF)

I looked further down the page and saw some (ROR’s), or what people know as “Rip-off Reports”.

It was some complaints about them, and it just pissed me off when I saw that because again you have a potential product that could be used to help people out big time.

It seemingly had no catch to it at first, but then after seeing some reports it could be a trap set-up to ensnare people into thinking that they might help you but a fee comes along with it.

So they charge people for giving helpful information to land a job? And it does deal with your information (your resume) which I could see if it was a small fee that could be asked to do a simple advisory / submit type of set-up to various companies that align with your job experience that is on the application.

But I’ll leave a link so you can better understand what I’m getting at, so read through the rip-off reports complaints and just listen to what they are really doing to people putting them in a situation where they might get taking advantage of. Ok see ya later guys. 


(The Career Change)

(The Career Change: ROR’s link)


Career Finder Or Career Rip-Off?


(By: Jaye Irons)


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