Nadya Suleman: Walks In Court

Octomom In The Hot Seat?


IMG_0018[1]It’s been a lot of ups and downs for the Octomom (a.k.a Nadya Suleman), ever since she had been having financial crisis after financial crisis the roller coaster ride that she has been on has not been a short one.

Now she faces yet another roller coaster dive because of supposed welfare charges that is stemming against her, Suleman was to appear in court for welfare fraud charges that were brought against her that happened three times prior, now this is the fourth charge that could probably land her in jail for at least 6 years.

Ten-thousand dollars in welfare assistance is what she is accused of taking unlawfully, this was the state benefits that she was getting to help support her and her kids. Before that she had taking the offer to appear in soft porn to help bring in money to help her situation.

That would also come back and blow up in her face, because it was also reported that she made thirty-thousand dollars from personal appearances & videos that she took part in back in 2013.

IMG_0017[1]Suleman was best known for as “Octomom” that started a big buzz back in 09′, this is when she gave birth to octuplets which were not expected to make it due to multiple birth circumstance. 

That sparked an investigation by the (Medical Board of California) in the matter of high-birth rate contingency, which involved the fertility specialist that helped her to conceive with the pregnancy.

But the main reason that Suleman started to catch heat from the public was because she never had disclosed that she had 6 other kids, plus she was on both public assistance programs and was at the time unemployed. Her biggest and first mistake was telling the “lie” about not being enlisted with any help from public assistance.

IMG_0016[1]So she was dishonest about taking public assistance, plus not reporting any earned income that she had back from last year. She had also previous violations in this similar situation before, and now it’s coming back to bite her literally in the ass.

And now she sees herself heading back to court after already making a court appearance on April 16 of this year, not to mention this could be the final offense that could land this girl behind bars for nearly 10 long years.

(Nadya Suleman performing under the cover name “Octomom” at strip club)

It’s hard to feel bad for Suleman, but it’s even harder to think about her kids that will have to grow up not seeing their Mother for a long-time.

I’m a firm believer in family ties (family first because you have nobody else that cares for you in the world like them), and if you don’t even have that in today’s world you are just totally screwed no matter how you look at it.

IMG_0015[1]Maybe Nadya might learn from her mistakes in the future when she looks back on where she is in life now, I know she is just having a hell of a time trying to find a way to support herself and her kids (if that’s what she is doing of course).

But then you do have situations where she was seemingly trying to get into the ‘limelight’ on TV, when the whole fiasco went on about her and the kids on a TV surreal show back in 11′ revolving completely around her. Honestly that never turns out right, and it just targets you and your kids for constant ridicule as time goes on.

Maybe there is a plan the God wants her to follow, maybe she should sit down and just put it in his hands. Hopefully things can go better for her, she seems like a good person deep down inside that just need to get her act together especially for the sake of her kids. 


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Nadya Suleman: Walks In Court


(By: Jaye Irons)

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