Disappearing Planes? (Boeing 777)

Can It Be Found Or Was It Stolen?


IMG_0023[2]Before this story took whole there was one of aviation mystery that held the title of “disappearing acts” which was over 7 decades ago when Amelia Earhart’s plane simply vanished into thin air what many had thought. 

(flight 370 “Boeing 777” taking off in the skies)

Earhart’s mystery however was finally solved bringing the mystery to a close, but now there is a bigger Houdini act that has been baffling many. Reason being is because this airliner that just vanished off of the radar, and now the search is on for it and it’s whereabouts is stemming some serious controversy.

So the airliner was a Malaysian Airliner the went rogue going off the radar while traversing over the Gulf of Thailand early Saturday, so first thing that would pop into anybody’s mind is did it crash into the water or crash on land somewhere?

The plane was traveling at a very fast rate of speed meaning that it could cover so much land and water quickly, that is before it finally lands at a designated area on the ground. That is even strange because you just can’t land the plane on regular ground or soil, you must have a concreted runway so that right there is an even bigger question mark…

IMG_0022[1]The controversy that comes into this is the plane’s trajectory (travel course), so maybe somehow or way it had got thrown off it’s course and could have fallen off a good stretch away from where flight data would be lost while tracking it. 

Now the bigger question is was this done on purpose or did the pilot have instruction that were secret to turn the plane around and follow a different course, and LOL somehow avoids radar all together not being able to be tracked.

You have to know that GPS is pretty much everywhere over the world, unless it is an area that has never been discovered but even that is far-fetched. 

Then you can start thinking about possible culprits that can be in on this grand scheme to nab a plane, or maybe intervention from different governments of these countries know something that they want to avoid sharing with us keeping everybody in the dark about this situation.

Then think about who else could be involved as well, it is a hijacking of some sorts secretively taken by terrorists? All kinds of possibilities will fly off the shelf in a situation of this magnitude, and it’s been days since it happened and still has not been found.

The whole story kinda stinks, it does make you believe that this could have been planned out before the flight even left the ground the passengers (innocent ones) wouldn’t be aware of course, but you have the pilots flying the plane could be in on it because remember this is an out-of-the-box type thinking situation.

I would hate to be the pilots in this case for a few reasons, if the pilots did know what they were doing or if they were forced by terrorists on the plane to get them to turn it around then start plan and plot a new course or route to take, and on top of all that seemingly fly pass radar avoiding detection of any kind? It makes you think something, someone, or group has to be behind it then at that point.

So there you have it a Malaysian plane gone from sight you know just *poof* into thin air, how can you explain that one? LOL you can’t can you? Too many crazy things happening in the world today, very few answers to try to explain any of it. Just hope the passengers survived, and are just waiting for the rescue crew to come get them. 


(Lost Malaysian plane)


Disappearing Planes? (Boeing 777)


(By: Jaye Irons)

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