The Lesser Of Two Evils: Sugar Or Pot?

Pot Is Worse?


IMG_0022[1]This whole thing about sugar is just getting mass attention, President Obama even seems to think that it is even more dangerous than pot. I know pot smokers around the globe are probably liking that statement that he made comparing the two on a weight scale.

But the thing about sugar is if you consume large quantities of it, then the end result will be added stored fat to your diet. And when that happenings you then will find yourself feeling very guilty, after realizing that you have indulged dipping into the sugar bowl guess what? It will more in likely happen yet again. 

Sugar is highly addictive many people can’t go without it on a daily basis, you do have a few that can resist it’s temptation for you to use it on your food or if it is eating candy bars. 

A poll was taken to rectify exactly which of the following substances would be considered most dangerous, the first up is Tobacco which was over 45%, then Alcohol which was about half of that number hitting almost at 25%, then you have Sugar which was at 15%. 

Americans in this country think that sugar is actually worse than things like heroin, certain mushrooms that make you see things (hallucinogenic), even ecstasy was to take a back seat to sugar.

Sounds crazy that people would label sugar like it was a drug or in reality, that just could be the case. It can cause diabetes not to mention a barricade of other health issues, but to put it in the class range with drugs such as heroin might be a little on the over-analyzing band-wagon.

I had a buddy named Jenni, very cute girl she was and nice. But one day she told me about a problem she had, I thought at first that she was maybe just dealing with the normal type of issues. 

I was completely wrong in my assumption she was sick, but I didn’t understand exactly until she tole me about the part that she has a heroin addiction habit.

She told me that her husband started her out on it, and she was working a regular job when she started (a functioning addict). Shortly after she and her husband started to lose everything , their house, their car, major assets, then they lost their pride & hope when it was all said and done. 

After that her husband develop health issues from smoking heroin on a frequent basis, even Jenni started having health problems as well. Overall it was just sad to see that happen to them, but at the same time it does come down to choices that we make.

IMG_0023[1]In the case of sugar however yes it is dangerous, but I myself don’t think that it could be on the level of heroin, or any other drugs next to that. Sugar can be managed more easily than doing drugs, it just comes down to will power to keep at bay or eat certain types of food that have a low-level amount of it present in the food itself.

Obama went on to say that he still views pot in a negative way, but at the same time feels that it is not as bad as it was back then. 

Even today Marijuana is made legal in certain states, people can have possess of it in whichever state that accepts it you have to know though that a stipulation goes along with all of that (rules & guidelines) forms conditions that an individual will have to follow in order to get it or use it for whatever reason.

My overall opinion is that neither is good for you, but again it comes down to choices that people make as to what they decided to do in life so that’s the bottom line to all of that period. 


(State Law map for Marijuana)



The Lesser Of Two Evils: Sugar Or Pot?


 (By: Jaye Irons)

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