Wonder Woman Movie: When Will It Come Out?

Nobody Fitted To Take The Title Yet?

IMG_0017[1]I was thinking about Wonder Woman in particular in terms of coming out with an updated movie, and even though a TV series remake almost did that off it got derailed pretty fast. It’s to the point that is making many fans of the Wonder Woman series say, “When will they finally do another Wonder Woman movie?”

(Lydia Carter playing the role of “Wonder Woman” in the late 70’s)

Yea it seems like it’s never going to happen, well no time soon yet and it’s a few reasons why that could be.

I saw some video about this topic and it has been getting as lot of attention as of late, and almost every time the question comes down to who will play the iconic heroine superhero that will pick-up from where the original show left off. 

Lydia Carter was the first to bring the character to life in the old school series back in the late 70’s to TV, in the early 70’s a lot of people probably didn’t know this one but it was a Wonder Woman movie before Carter was ultimately asked to do the role in the TV series.

IMG_0023[1]So if it was a movie done before the series was, then you’re thinking who played Wonder Woman before her? The answer to that… Cathy Lee Crosby.

(Cathy Lee Crosby as the super-heroine in the early 70’s)

Crosby played the superhero role in 74′, it was a movie more so than TV show that wasn’t a long running series so she was the first to play as her in movie film. I remember in the movie as Wonder Woman she didn’t have all of the powers that Carter did when she played the role.

The one that Crosby played was a “testing the waters” type of Wonder Woman, in other words she had to prove her worth to be granted the powers that would later come to her. So I’m thinking the TV show series with Carter would be the one of course where she gets all of the powers that wasn’t there in the original movie.

Crosby had to use wits and cunning plus she was quick, in order to overcome her obstacles and she had a utility belt that she could use at her disposal. She could also defend herself pretty well so that’s a plus.

(Adrianne Palicki portraying the role in 2011) 

IMG_0022[1]Carter had everything the strength, agility, wits, cunning, and a gold lasso to make you spill the beans (making you tell the truth if she ropes it around you), plus the feminite gauntlet bracelets that can deflect small fire arms like handguns even AK-47 gun fire. Yea that’s right she can deflect AK-47 gun fire for a rifle, which means that the girl has some very fast dam reflexes LOL.

The fuss about bringing the new Wonder Woman movie to light has been in question, so far the only one that try to step into the role of it was Adrianne Palicki but the show never took off and was cancelled. That would piss off Lydia Carter because she was ‘amped up’ to see who would fill her role after all of these years.

Truth is the show was not going to fit into the line-up schedule well for NBC’s line-up of shows, so NBC walked away from the project.

IMG_0021[1]The new buzz the was brought up about the movie yet again this year was by another actress named Gina Carano was co-starred in “Fast & Furious 6”, Carano felt that the movie needed to be done right if it was to be on the silver screen in theaters and not just slapped together at the last-minute of production. 

(Gina Carano a possible canidate for the role in the future)

Wonder Woman is a very good venture whether for movie or TV production, so yea she right it needs to be done right so that’s why Warner Bros has held back doing anything with it as for now. 

But maybe they will make a move soon it is almost 2015 after all, so I don’t think they are going to just keep pushing it back on the shelf too much longer. So I’m looking forward to it, and I know a lot of people are as well just have to give it some more time.


(Gina Carano a maybe for the for the role later on?)


Wonder Woman Movie: When Will It Come Out?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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