Professor Linde’s Big Bang Theory Is A Go

The Big “Pop” That Started It All


IMG_0022[1]Many have their different opinions to how the universe started off, from religious, to scientific, or just common I think it could have happen this or that way. We’re talking about one of the most controversial topic that still holds up a hot lit torch today– “The Big Bang Theory”.

(Chao-Lin Kuo shows up to give Linde some long awaited news about his theory)

So many years has elapsed, and so many people have come and gone to say it started this way. Even astronomers like the infamous astronomer Galileo Galilei himself was stooped when he was asked this question, and we’re talking about the late 1500 to early 1600’s when he was around.

But today was a different individual who was called a crock-pot (broken in the head) for thinking that he had the theory solved down to a science, his name is Andrei Linde and he got an unexpected visit from an unlikely guest.

An old colleague of his went out to his house in hopes to finally give notice to what Linde had suggested a long time ago, and that was his theory to the big bang theory.

IMG_0024[1]Linde was shocked to see fellow assistant professor Chao-Lin Kuo show up at his doorstep, when Kuo brought up his theory about the big bang theory Linde probably just wanted to shut the door in his face figuring that it was just more ridicule coming his way.

Instead Kuo had other news for him, Kuo told Linde that after his theory was reviewed by the Standford team at Stanford University.

They acknowledged that the given idea theory that Linde had said about the Cosmic Inflation Theory, which is simply the expansion of space itself that stretches even faster than the speed of light can travel.

Then there is inflationary period in where the universe will continue to grow but the expansion process is slows down, so basically who really knows how big the universe could be given the amount of years (billions) that this has been going on.  

Linde said that gravity waves in the universe’s oldest light show that the universe expanded to 100 trillion times it’s size almost 14 billion years ago, all in less than a second.

(Linde & Kuo toast it up just for ‘bang’ of it)


The theory would be identified as the “first tremors” in the big bang theory, Kuo was there with camera in hand to congratulate Linde for his sound theory that went up in the air 30 years ago. Looks like the professor has finally got his day in the sun! Just hope a second big bang theory by chance (if that’s possible) doesn’t happen any time soon, Because that would spell serious trouble for us big time! 



(Professor Linde’s Day In The Sun)


Professor Linde’s Big Bang Theory Is A Go


(By: Jaye Irons)






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