Night-Vision Lenses Replecing The Bulky NVG Goggles

NVG Lenses Spying On You At Night?

IMG_0043[1]It has been long and awaited for the day that this would happen and now it’s finally happened, for years the concept of NVG goggles or what you would know more to be called (Night-Vision Goggles) are getting a face-lift completely.

In this day and age everything is about convenience, and that’s could be anything like check-out lines at the grocery store that are trying to inter-grade more automated service for checking customers out with their products, from more apps being installed on your cell phone to make it basically a mini hand-held laptop, touch-assisting flat screen TV’s to computers the list is endless here.

But this new break threw can be a serious convenience model of the new NVG lenses that can be worn by an individual like if it is a contact lens, so you know that the military would be on this like fly on rice in a hurry.

Being a soldier in this crazy world today fighting in battles can get very chaotic and deadly we know that from just watching situations like that in movies, but in the real world the situations are real-time and true.

Now I know soldier have got to be tried of wearing those bulky heavy uncomfortable goggles over the faces (not to mention the migraine that they probably get to from wearing them), plus think about this if they are in a heated situation and their goggles accidentally slipped down over the top of their nose or something like that…

That would put them in danger just that fast, and if the enemy sees them at an disadvantage like that, then well you know the rest of that story. So yea it sounds like a great improvement, having NVG contact lenses for that reason in terms of tactical face wear for the military’s special forces.

(old school NVG goggle eye wear is going out the freakin’ window!)

080428-NightVision-hmed-10a.grid-6x2[1]Another reason that the “bulky goggles” wear is being replaced, is because they have a cooling system that was needed to be implanted into the goggles itself to keep them from over-heating, that would be the biggest problem to them right there giving them the extra size and weight hanging off of the soldier’s face.

An added plus to them as well will be the infrared detectors that will be there for added assistance in detecting a moving object or non-moving object at night, so if you remember in the movie “Predator” the alien hunter there had infrared vision as well as other image enhancing technology that could give the alien stalker far greater advantages when taking on the basic human soldiers or hunters.

So the whole lens replacement option for the NVG eye wear will be super-thin modeled now, and the even better aspect to that would be that this lenses can see a variety of spectrum-light type settings (ultraviolet or transparent ability) plus who knows what else.

I’m going to do another entry to different military technology items that is a direct opposite this story about these NVG lenses that will be at the military’s usage.

The next story will be about the cloaking  suits that was talked about briefly, but never really been brought into direct light to the public except on YouTube video see watch out for that one see ya.


(the NVG lens “break-though”)


Night-Vision Lenses Replecing The Bulky NVG Goggles


(By: Jaye Irons)

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