Rip-Off Report: These Dumbasses Like Too Get Cannonblasted…

I Like To Cannonblast People Who Are On Bulls**t


IMG_0045[1]You know I’m getting rather tired of people like this Mike Caruana guy, he sends me (and who knows how many else) these mail forms that talk about winning the lottery in some type of easy way. 

He claims that you can win by using his proven steps that will “magically’ make the lottery love you good and you somehow wind-up winning millions of dollar bills, this theory that he poses of course will put you in a position where you don’t have to work anymore. 

Notice I said don’t work anymore, yea ok.

Now that being said these letters that came to me, and probably a few thousand other red-blooded Americans on this already shaky as hell economy if you accidentally dropped a dollar bill on the ground that fifteen unemployed individuals would kill for it, and you might find yourself getting maned trying to get it back because it’s actually yours.

So Caruana claims that a stand alone system that he knows can help you win the lottery hands down are mailed to the participants (you / me), he claims that if you act right away sending $20 which is the start-up fee that he will from the kindness of his heart send you the secrets that can make you rich.

Or better put he is saying that he will give you the keys to win the lottery, and says there’s no catch. LOL yea right. 

IMG_0046[1]Because you know that’s bulls**t Caruana, you know that’s a dam bogus lie Caruana, you know you just want that twenty-dollar bill to keep coming in on a regular basis because it’s your life-line meal ticket that you’re counting on.

(what he even dared to put a Merlin guy in that picture with a ‘magic money lottery wand’) 

You picked the wrong one to peddle this to yo know that right, and when bastards like you take advantage of the masses out there with corny crap like this that is a obvious scam then you have to catch one.

And what I mean by catch one, I mean a big fat Cannonblast my friend.

IMG_0044[1]Each time one of you idiots send something like this to me with false promises and non-proven ways to make endless money either on the net, or the lottery, or whatever else, I’m going to Cannonblast you out in public in front of all these people because you lie to me and them you see.

(see here you go a ‘classic’ example of BS lottery traps pictured right there, bulls**t like this claiming that some poor smock just won a gazillion dollars and wanting you to pony up the money to get it!)

I just got done checking out your Rip-off f**king report LOL, so logically I just don’t know why you guys would even try to swindle people if you know yourself that you 

IMG_0042[1]are under the fraud microscope twenty-four seven. I guess it just goes to show how desperate some people will go to put that crisp green d-o-l-l-a-r bill in their pocket.

But yea keep sending the hope letters that can “magically” help people to earn endless money, even though the scammers out there ponder everything on that notion hoping to duke hard-working people who actually take the f**king time to get out of their beds every morning and go work for a living.

Those are the ones I respect, those are those ones who deserve more out of life!

To the cheaters out their scamming, who gives a dam about you! So bend over and take one for the team… Pan down to see what I mean. Caution:  before you do pan down you should consider grabbing a stack of soft cushioned pillows  because just looking at this might hurt somewhat haha. Have a great f**king day you scamming jerk. 






(See this idiot’s rip-off report by clicking here LOL)


Rip-Off Report: These Dumbasses Like Too Get Cannonblasted…


(By: Jaye Irons)

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