Pope Francis Tells It Like It Is To The Mobsters

Don’t Piss Off The Pope!


IMG_0044[1]Countless car bombings, hit contracts, and inhumane acts of torture, violence, and death was always associated with the working of mob connections or what many know to be (organized crime), you saw the movies like the untouchables that said supposedly Elliott Nest was the man who brought down one of the most ruthless organized crime bosses of all time. Alfonso or “Al Capone” but it would be tax evasion that brought him down for the final count.

Many movies would spawn to life years later from the “Valentine’s Day Massacre”, to even more modern movies like “Casino”, or “Goodfellas”.

In these movies you witnessed anything from setting people on fire, blowing up cars (with the target or person in it), taking out the whole family in cold-blooded murder, beating a traitor or rat with a baseball bat in which a hit was put out no doubt by the head cheese himself or someone who is underneath him with almost equal power.

This is the “rules of engagement” when dealing with the mob or if you’re in any type of mob connection, so it’s just business like they say nothing personal that usually follows after the first part of the sentence.

IMG_0045[1]But today the Mob might have dropped the ball really hard this time because they did something so outrageous that even the Pope had to step in and intervene.

Pope Francis decided to do a body count of how many victims that the Italian Mob had racked up over the course of time. During a prayer vigil that was schedule at the Roman church in Rome, Italy, the names with over 800 victims that were related to mob slayings.

To add to the list was very unfortunate for a 2-year-old named Domenico Petruzzelli, and included in that mob hit was his Mother and her male companion. It all happened in southern Taranto, Italy, luckily Domenico’s two other brothers were not caught in the cross-fire as they were in their car when their assailants opened fire on them.

But this act of violence displayed by the mob really piss off the Pope, the Pope stood strong and true in what he said about the murderous act simply replying these words back to the organize hit conducted by mafia members.

IMG_0044[1]This life that you live now won’t give you pleasure. It won’t give you Joy or happiness. Blood-stained money, blood -stained power, you can’t bring it with you to your next life. Repent There’s still time to not end up in hell, which is what awaits you if you continue on this path.” end quote.

But it’s the mob, they don’t care who they take out that’s just how they are always going to be. It’s just that what the Pope had said should definitely sink into to their dam heads, I mean do they really want to go there? Um… H**l? Last I heard it was very dam hot down there, no sun-tan lotion can even begin to help you out what so ever LOL.

What really the bummer is that two year-old kid that was taken from life ever before having the chance to live it, this is why the Pope was encouraging mafia members to think about the consequences that they will no doubt face in the after-life.

I mean you can’t hide the truth from the man upstairs he sees it all, so yea they need to seriously consider asking the man upstairs for forgiveness. But they won’t do it they are just to proud of being evil and corrupted, man I hate to see what’s going to happen to them on J-Day you know. That’s the day God will hand out the “righteous truth” to us all!  


(just don’t piss off the Pope!)


Pope Francis Tells It Like It Is To The Mobsters


(By: Jaye Irons)

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