Metal Gear Solid Is Still Pushing Full Steam Ahead


Will Metal Gear Go On Forever Or What?


IMG_0054[2]Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be yet another install to the game series that has been running since the late 80’s on the NES system (Nintendo Entertainment System), I remember the very first Metal Gear on that system like it was yesterday.

I had an associate that would play it and it seemed pretty fun, but like most games from way back then games today has taken a huge fat turn going from the basic 8-bit format to a literal sub-computer that can go online not only to play games but even pay bills through it’s internet browser features.

But back to this game series that we’re taking about today, the last time I played the Metal Gear series was Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots.

It was indeed a fun game to play, and like I mentioned it was life-like all the way, from fighting in the battle fields dodging around in fire-fights, to fighting combatants, or even dealing with a very old “Solid Snake” himself (you of course playing through his character in the game) all with his physical ailment attached from the start of the game until the end.

IMG_0056[1]Then I saw another Metal Gear spinoff game but this time starring another famous character to the series “Raiden”, and he was introduced in Metal Gear II: Sons of the Patriots.

Raiden would return in part 5 as the ever so creepy mysterious and popular “cyborg ninja”, who appears in various game sequels including the first game that was done on Playstation 1 in the late 90’s.

(is that Raiden again? Or another “cyborg ninja?)

Now it’s another Metal Gear that has surfaced, and there are the other ones that I didn’t mention that has finally lead up to Metal Gear V. Like all of the other ones before it, the game deals with the ability to sneak in on your enemies and either avoid them all together dealing with the mission objective only.

IMG_0055[1]LOL but what’s the fun in that? The other option is to just cause all types of hell to break loose but you have to be prepared to defend yourself, because the way I see it about Metal Gear is if you go against the grain and pick a fight with the soldiers that you are trying to stay hidden from or sneak past without a confrontation. Then expect the fight of your life is all I have to say about that.

(sometimes fleeing a very heated situation is needed in order for you to plan for later strategic attacks or secret enemy base entry)

Metal Gear has always been the type of game where you need to be quiet as a mouse because it is after-all a tactical espionage role-playing game.

The weapons are the other thing that you can’t help to love in this game, you can custom your IMG_0057[1]weapons giving them add-ons to make them more highly effective against enemies. So say if you just got a gun and let’s say the mechanics of enhancing that gun or, sniper rifle, or shotgun you get the picture, then you make it one of your dangerous in the your arsenal if you want to. Certain Metal Gear games would give you more options when modifying weapons, and in return make your character more proficient in taking out his / her enemies.

(learning to use stealth tactics for secret attacks is key for Metal Gear games unless of course you just like to go in and try the hand of fate for an all out attack on enemies)

In Ground Zeroes you will be able to do just that, plus even other things like building fortresses that will be used in combat battle simulation. You can even use smart-phones in real-time situations that revolve around the gameplay of Ground Zeroes as well (you can use them to interact with the ‘Motherbase’) that has got to be something that a lot of Metal Gear fans will really love.

IMG_0058[1]Another great factor is this, you can do the mission objectives in different ways of your choosing. Unlike the previous Metal Gears before Ground Zeroes, you had to basically go through an objective that was hardcore written into the gameplay meaning you couldn’t do certain parts before you had completed another key part first.

(characters from the previous Metal Gear games entries Metal Gear: Special Ops)

The story is rather cheesy form what I was seeing, people really don’t care for it’s synopsis that much (background story) but instead they will like the features way more plus any other added side-mission goodies that will more than make up for the story itself.

And the plot will center around “Big Boss” and not “Solid Snake”, people might get confused when they see the cover of Zeroes and think it is Solid Snake but in fact it is his Father that was the main character from “Snake Eaters” orMetal Gear Solid III.

But it is more to Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes, so click on the link at the bottom in the description alright see ya soon.



(Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Trailer)


(Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes IGN link)


Metal Gear Solid Is Still Pushing Full Steam Ahead


(By: Jaye Irons)





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