Chicago’s Problems: The Nitty Gritty

The Ranks Are Shifting It Seems But Rather Slowly…


IMG_0065[1]Yea I know it’s like a broken record talking about Chicago yet again, but I did hear about a show (“Chicago Live”) that will possibly shine some much-needed light on the windy city I mean because after all this city could use some positive up-lifting news.

Now it doesn’t take a genius to see that Chicago has been under fire from a number of things, and most visitors that are thinking about touring through this great city are reluctant.

Reason being is the violence that has struck the city in certain areas, from the riots at Ford City Mall that happened almost a year ago now serving just as one example, to rampant crime that plagues the city in the inner city districts, one individual has seen enough.




That individual would be the mayor Rahm Emanuel, Emanuel being the mayor is thinking about trying to make this once exciting city “great” like it was some time ago. Now that sounds good and all, but there’s still a little problem with that just being said. I will point a couple of these examples out right now that is apart of Emanuel’s plan that might not be so appealing to the ears & eyes.



Chicago’s Plight


The Murder Rate

Chicago’s murder rate in 2012 was skyrocketing, a whopping 500+ murders and climbing it really puts a huge fat dent in the city’s security / safety department which heavily focuses on the South, East, & West side of the city.

The Closing Schools

Where will the youth turn if the schools are closed down, one would think that education should be of the highest importance in a great city. One would also think that the mayor of the city would insure that schools stay open in order to help inter-grade kids into society as productive and responsible adults. This also encourages the city’s youth to turn to either negligent or violent activities as a result.

Gun Law False Promises

Even though it was said that gun laws will be stricter, it really hasn’t changed much in the Chicago. Some gun laws may be curved, but the other half of the problem is the escalation of violence as a result from it. Also have to mention the smuggling of guns that somehow manages to find their way into the city winding up in the hands of criminals regardless the effort to keep them at bay.

Embarrassing But Notable Fact

Cities like L.A. That have more people than Chicago seemingly have a lower murder rate, L.A. murders compared to Chicago have been lower ever since the 1960’s. Other cities like New York City has even had lower murder rates than Chicago, despite the fact that New York and L.A. Both have the potential for higher crime due to a larger population.


IMG_0068[1]Chicago Police Departments wanted to adopt the strategy that New York had taken against weeding out criminals, one such method was called “stop & frisk”. It would be a policy that would get a lot of heat drawn to the NYPD (New York Police Department), in violation of citizens rights that was blatantly disregarded. 

(former Police Superintendent Jody Weis would not adopt the “stop & frisk” procedure for Chicago)

The result ended up with a hell of a lot of lawsuits LOL as you could so imagine, so former Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis was definitely smart not to adopt that method that would cost the city and tax-payers ridiculous amounts of money.

IMG_0069[1]Then you have a fan of “centralized control” which is what Emanuel wishes to lean toward. This would implicate a series of routines to manage not only potential criminal situations, but also focusing on the citizens throughout the city as well in terms of their safety so it’s almost like a type of Governed control tactic (meaning that they do the thinking for the citizens deciding what’s best for them.) 

One aspect of that are RFID chips or (Radio Frequency Identification Chips), special devices to monitor behavior and your daily activities. Wow nice right? But rather creepy really, kinda makes you think that another hidden faction could be involved in all of this that pushes for a new Government order and total control over it’s citizens in cities across America.

Honestly to say it will just take time for things to really turn this city around, but how long that will take only God knows that answer… 



 (Chicago Blues)


Chicago’s Problems: The Nitty Gritty


(By: Jaye Irons)

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