Abuse At The Zoo: Behind Closed Doors

What’s Going Down In The Zoo?


IMG_0002[1]It’s a place to take your kids to for a family outing and fun, adults and kids enjoy watching animals perform tricks and display their intelligence which makes a great experience for anyone to witness.

However I was hearing about the situations about what goes on the public zoos, or what many would say stuff that happens “off the record”.

(it’s incredibly stupid & dangerous to take a poke at a group of tigers like that, this guy obviously must have a “death wish”)

This of course is reflecting on the care of the animals that are in the zoo itself, and the zoo keepers that supposedly attend to their needs to make sure that they are well taken care of. I mean after all these animals are the showcase for the zoo, that means they attract people who pay money to bring either their kids to; or if a couple are just walking through the zoo spending time just watching the animals.

Zookeeper’s salary heavily depends on the money that will come from frequent visits from the people in general, so they basically get paid off of the animals. The animals get food or toys to play with, to them that is all they probably want in this it makes their day.

Animals can’t talk of course, but who can tell if they are truly happy when people come to see them. The people couldn’t possibly know whether or not if the animals are abused or fed properly, that’s the last thing that probably would cross their minds.

This is a real thing that does happen at some zoos staff members have been known to abuse or negligent the animals, that can range from the placement of the animals in the zoo itself where they are just crammed into tight corners and forgotten about for days on end.

Other situations like throwing the animals’ food at them like a bowl or dish, and hitting the animal in the face or body. That right there is just uncalled for, and places like that should just be shut-down especially if they are going to treat the animals like they are just common garbage or trash.

IMG_0003[1]The majority reason for this of course is bad staffing you have to hire people to take care of the animals at these zoos, but 50% of the time you might wind up with someone who is just looking to collect a paycheck.

(hungry hippo eating fruit on ‘fruit holiday’ at zoo)

So with that type of attitude in mind they don’t care, or better put they don’t give a rat’s ass about their job that they were hired to do. Even if the zoos did have some type of way to manage the rules and duties of the zookeeper that work at their facility (regulations applying to the proper care of the animals), are they really enforced? Are they taken seriously? Etc.

You can think of a matter like this the same way if an individual worked at a Senior Citizens Home, would they really care about the person who needs assistance with the simplest thing such as getting around due to their lack of strength or more serious types of ailments that my plague them.

It happened to my Father back in 2011 when he was in the hospital, he was very sick and he did tell me that his nurse didn’t help him much when he needed help.

He was ringing the bell and she sometimes would come to see if he needed something, and sometimes she would not come at all. So I had a conversation to her about that letting her know that if that was her Father or Mother lying there and needed help, would she see things in the same way?

Would she turn her back on them, and just walk off to go do something else. She gazed downward and walked away, I think she went off to cry and think about what was said to her. After the next visit my Father told me she would go check on him after her would push the bell button.

IMG_0004[1]Looking at things in the same spectrum at these zoos, you would think zoo keepers would show more professionalism about their duties when dealing with the animals.

(A professional role-call line-up “penguin style”)

It’s no different from a dog or cat you see, everything has feelings. No matter who you are you will need some type of help at a given time, but I just wanted to take a moment to address the issue about this particular subject. Alright later. 


(zoo keepers abusing animals)



Abuse At The Zoo: Behind Closed Doors


(By: Jaye Irons)





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