Son of God

Epic Movie That Will Move You


IMG_0005[1]Son of God”  is an excellent choice to spend a movie night on, this is what I would say right away is a classic from the get go simply because it is a biblical story that tells the enlightenment, knowledge, and life of Jesus of Nazareth.

IMG_0007[1]It started for the new-born king when others were told by the “The Three Wise Men” that he would be the one to bring peace to many that was foreseen in the future. There of course would be those who did not believe this prophecy, and would reject the notion of it fully without hesitation. Fact is, it does happen as it was already written to be.

(one of the “three wise men” to the right)

25 years would pass Jesus is now a grown adult, he comes to a fisherman’s boat and approaches it all the while being told by the fisherman that there are no fish to be caught. After a brief conversation of the matter, the fisherman helps Jesus into the boat and the fisherman thinks that Jesus is quite eccentric not knowing what his intentions are.

IMG_0006[1]After Jesus calls his name out to him (Peter), he is baffled in disbelief that Jesus knew his name. Jesus then tells Peter after they still talk about the lack of fish in he area that if you give an hour of time, the situation you face can change. Not the exact words from the movie, but he was telling him indirectly that you will have what you don’t have at the moment which is food. And after the time that Jesus spoke about, a flood of fish show up just begging to be caught LOL.

(Fisherman Peter gives Jesus a helping hand into his boat)

Peter is left beside himself just not able to believe what he sees, he then feels something in Jesus like seeing the light that burned out a long time ago inside of himself. After asking Jesus what he plans to do, he tells Peter simply “We are going to change the world”.

IMG_0008[1]After meeting with others in the town of Galilee, Jesus would talk to other men and women about his plans. Many who know the bible today would come to know these individuals as Jesus’ disciples who would follow him through his travels, and help him to spread the word about his message and teachings through various regions to others.

(Jesus’ disciples)

The only problem to all of this would be fear that others (such as the Romans) would let grip them, and that was because they just refused Jesus’ teachings and did not even try to understand what he was trying to do. They felt that he was gathering to many people, and they felt that he was a threat and needed to be dealt with accordingly.

IMG_0010[1]Even being called the Messiah would bring much trouble Jesus’ way, and this also brought him more ill feelings from a religious group known as the Pharisees who thought that Jesus was nothing but a false prophet saying that he could not be the one to be able to forgive a person’s sins. They believed that only God could do this task, so they denounced Jesus as a result.

(The Pharisees)

What they failed to understand was that he could forgive anybody who did commit sin, what they also didn’t know was that he was the son of god  hence the title of the movie.

IMG_0011[1]After that Jesus journeyed to Jerusalem to witness “passover”, which is a holiday event. He rode into town on the back of a donkey, who placed leaves from a palm tree in his hands which signified that the people were backing him in their support.


The only thing here was the attention that he was getting, which was stirring up again more fear. It got to the point that it ruffled the feathers of guy named Caiaphas, that basically ran the city itself like if he was some type of governor. This of course meant that the city would have rules that was to be followed by it’s citizens including any outsiders.

IMG_0009[1]The added problem that brought the Romans into all of this, was because of the situation of the city itself that was hanging in fate with the possibility of becoming enslaved by the Romans (and their big chief named Pontius Pilate) who was seeking to take it over.

(the roman guards)

Pilate even went as far to tell Caiaphas that if any type of disturbances that would interfere with the passover holiday would result in the temple itself being shut-down. When Jesus entered the temple, he saw money being exchanged for animals and other brought material things that angered him because it was not written in the prophecy teachings for that to be done. This act shown by him would then anger the Pharisees, but he drew cheers from those would were behind him all the way and believed in the teachings that he shared with others.


The Pharisees also learned about what Jesus said to a little girl standing in the crowd at passover that every stone of the temple will soon fall. The Pharisees then labeled Jesus at that point as a serious threat that needed to be stopped.

(Judas one of Jesus’ disciples that betrays him)

From there one of his disciples named Judas felt that Jesus was out of line, and Jesus would discover that Judas was planning to set him up leading him into a trap which was plotted by the Pharisees to arrest him. Judas was also paid off by them for his part in the plot.

After things started to fall apart causing the other disciples to then to disperse (or retreat) from the Garden of Gethsemane, and a fast standing trail was laid out by Caiaphas himself stating that Jesus had broken the Jewish law for the act of blasphemy.

(the Garden of Gethsemane)


The Pharisees seize the moment to act upon the claim that is said, and rush to conclusion to find Jesus guilty. The trail of course was planned in private because Caiaphas did not want the temple to be closed during the passover event if Pilate were to find out.

Because Jesus is now found guilty the charge for the act of blasphemy would be death, Judas thought about what he had done at that point had shamed himself by betraying Jesus. Unable to cope with the guilt he hung himself hours later.

Now if the Pharisees would have got their hands on Jesus they would surely have tried to kill him, and if that were to happen in public then it would more in likely stage an all out riot at the passover event. Caiaphas stepped in and decided to avoid that, so he would have Jesus turned in to the Romans for punishment instead. This means that Pilate will be involved in the matter yet again.

(Pontius Pilate)


Pilate then faced with the decision of what to do with Jesus, and all of this is happening during the passover holiday so he decided to let the people choose Jesus’ fate. Caiaphas was really the enforcer in terms of Jesus’ facing either freedom or death.

So the crowd would choose between freedom or death to either a prisoner / murderer named Barabbas, or Jesus of Nazareth. Caiaphas basically “rigged” the voting process by duping the crowd to vote in favor of Barabbas which meant he was now free and Jesus was to be put to death by crucifixion.



(the crowd of spectators orders for Jesus’ Death, while same time sparing Barabbas)

Now Jesus was already whipped 40 times by Pilate’s guards, he was bloodied badly plus he then had sharp thrones placed on his head by the guards as well as they mocked him for being called King by his followers.

Then came the seemingly never-ending dragging of the cross that Jesus had to carry up to the mountain top, with the Roman guards still lashing him violently IMG_0018[1]with their whips to the point that he needed help to carry it up the mountain side.

(the guards continuously beat Jesus with whips until he almost passes out from the pain while dragging the cross on his shoulder)

They volunteer a man from the crowd to help him until they reached the destination point, at this time Jesus’ disciples, his Mother, and other friends were all there to see the Romans brutally finish the task of nailing him to the cross. The banner that was placed on top of the cross saying ‘The King of the Jews’, he would suffer a few agonizing hours asking at one point why God had forsaken him he says “it is finished” then he finally dies.

(Jesus is crucified by the roman guards, he dies after a few hours on the cross)

IMG_0019[1]From there Jesus was taken down by the Romans, and they gave his body to his Mother and the disciples. They clean the body and place him in a tomb, and a huge rock was in place to seal it off.

(disciple Thomas cannot believe that Jesus is reborn until he is touched by him physically)

IMG_0020[1]Three days later his Mother went to go check on the tomb for a visit and she noticed that it lay open, she went inside but only to see Jesus’ clothing that was still there. A voice then says; “What are you seeking to find?”

She turns and looks, she notices that it is him. Jesus’ spirit now free and present from that day forth, in total awe she rushes back to tell his disciples they think she is going nuts. But he appears to them to let them know she is telling the truth, even Thomas one of his disciples could not believe what he was seeing.

IMG_0022[1]After that Jesus speaks to his disciples forty days later and tells them to go and spread the word about his teachings, he then departs to the heavens to join his Father as the disciples then split and do as he tells them to do.

(as the last surviving disciple John sees Jesus years later in time, in total joy seeing his teacher and mentor once again he finishes writing the last part of the bible “revelation”)

The disciples were eventually killed off because of the teachings that they shared with others during their journeys, and it ended with the disciple John that was now very old and was exiled to an abandoned island. John was visited by Jesus, and Jesus told him that he will not die but instead receive everlasting life. He also told John that someday that he will return 🙂


Son of God: IMDb page link


Son of God


(By: Jaye Irons)




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