Sometimes It Just Takes The Drive Of One

More Apps Than It Can Handle Or Not?


IMG_0027[2]If you are looking to get more apps for the iPad, then you might find yourself looking into a subscription set-up for around $99 a year. Now the thing about that price is what else comes with… You can broaden the range value of this deal by adding on multiple computers (like adding a few Macs, or other PC’s at once), or basically forming what many would call a “network” this also includes your iPad itself into the mix.

Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it can be ridiculously expensive when adding in app installments to any of these devices, and they do have ways to cut the option to pay to a degree (just keep in mind that you will more in likely not have all of the features unless you do buy the full version) if you decide to go with a free version of the app download.

Most importantly is editing files on your iPad, if you don’t have to worry about that and it already looks good on it (formatting) then you should be ok.

Now most other people however worry more about the apps that they will want to use, so they will spend the extra money for it. The reason for that is of course the pride you take in whatever type of documents you are creating, you want them to look good and stand out plus this reflects how people view your work as well.

So if it’s a document that needs to look good, you might seriously reconsider just having it look like any old thing that is just there looking completely like crap that just should have been deleted from the get go.

One such example of that would be a general manager of the Microsoft Corporation that had put together a demo made up of a word document, you just about everybody knows about the Word Document that is a very popular tool of Microsoft for typing out documents or inserting pictures and so forth.

IMG_0028[1]But this General Manager might have been feeling really bad when she opened up her word document and discovered that it wasn’t what she had planned it would be. Matter of fact it turned out to be a big embarrassment for her, the format that was very choppy looking and not smooth but rather rough and sloppy.

The text itself was reversed in the other direction, not to mention the pictures in her documents winded up above the text. The problem however wasn’t the program, but the real problem was rather the format (wrong format) that it was laid out on which was a iPad format.

So like formatting an eBook, you have to be very careful what type of program that you will use to do it with or the end result would NOT be an eye catching experience for the reader. It would be more like an eye sore nightmare instead, a nightmare that would make you want to hit the redo button quick.

A notable solution is the One Drive app format set-up this is for iPads and really any other device that you want to show documents to your colleagues, without the fear of embarrassment that your work that you are going to present on your device will look like crap.

Yay! for technology improvements right?

Well that being said you should go check out some more cool things that you can do with one drive applications for multi-devices, I’ll leave that link in the bottom of the description below. 


(One Drive Integration: Microsoft Apps)


Sometimes It Just Takes The Drive Of One


(By: Jaye Irons)

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