GTA IV Takes A Crackdown Approach: Got Mods?

Special Mod Characters In This Game?


IMG_0028[1]I’m not one to go all nuts over GTA IV, but I’ve been looking a little into this game as of late each time I do I can only think about my other favorite game that I use to play on the Xbox 360 which was “Crackdown”.

(Niko the “protagonist” of  -GTA  IV-)

There is a relative difference but also similarity between the two, in GTA games you can blow up cars or set up your enemies by taking them out in cold hard fashion (basic murder like shooting them) or get a little creative and come up with a more sinister way to go after them all together.

IMG_0032[1]Crackdown was sort of the same way but different as well, because unlike GTA that was usually dealing with the same type of gangster lifestyle and attitude role, Crackdown on the other hand was taking more of a viewpoint strictly from Cops.

(LOL you already see the ridiculous stuff you can do in Crackdown, like this guy taking off 20 feet into the air from a Spider-man type of jump)

Another thing the made Crackdown even more likeable, was the ability to enhance your cop above and beyond what any normal could even possibly hope to become. So in other words you could modify your character in Crackdown to “super-human” proportions.

But I have to give it to GTA they learned over the years ever since Crackdown came out onIMG_0030[1] the Xbox 360, and that was to get even to the gameplay level or tune-up their game-play engine more so.I will explain this in a little further details, but first the back-story to both of these games must but established first so here we go.

(like Crackdown, GTA  IV is following in it’s footsteps with vehicle modifications)

First you have GTA IV like I said before I’m not a fan of this game, but because it has the similar game-play engine like Crackdown did it got me interested LOL. The main protagonist to the story is a guy named Niko that had to return to the states (U.S.A.) due to his cousin Roman that had reached out to him by phone.

Niko arrives in the U.S., and when he does get there he had decided to bring some items with him that will serve as the game’s plot itself. The items that he brought, were smuggled diamonds so the plot right there is a cliche IMG_0033[1]type but still a little interesting to say the least.

(the weapons of  Crackdown could be used to dish out overly extreme justice that would make any criminal want to quit their profession fast haha)

One thing about Niko’s character that sounds out loud like a bullhorn used on a football field, is his weakness that makes him stick out like a sore thumb which would be depression. He has a hard time just letting ill feelings go, and it can get him into some pretty wild situations that he probably would not like to be in period.

Other characters play into the plot (a lot of them I can’t named everybody LOL), and in the course of the game it will dictate the outcome of it depending on the choices either Niko or who else makes.

IMG_0034[1]The basics for the plot that also gives the story added weight, is the smuggled diamonds that Niko brings with him on arrival back into the U.S. upon seeing Roman.

(I even had to say “WTF” when I saw Wayne’s car cruising the street of Liberty City, has he grown tired of Gotham finally?)

So the fun part about GTA or rather why I’m talking about it is this, I licked on a video of it demonstrating what is called “Mod Gameplay” or characters that can downloaded then uploaded into the game changing the character set or even adding in other feature content.

IMG_0035[1]For instance, I saw a “Incredible Hulk” mod where you the player can use him in GTA real-time which I thought was pretty great. Then I saw a “Iron Man” character in GTA, and even a “Batman” mod with the Batmobile+weps.

(that guy better be careful and not mess-up giving you know who the wrong change back, that might lead to something getting smashed if you catch my drift…)

Now you know why the makers of the game did that right, LOL to push sales no doubt which I have to admit was very smart because I would have done the same frankly.

Crackdown was like that as well when I had it for the Xbox 360, yo could do basically the same type of things except use guys like the Hulk, Batman, Iron Man, etc.

But you could use it to modify weapons or even your ride (vehicles), and yea the characters could run like “The Flash” so really you didn’t even need a car or SUV LOL just up and run and your guy would get you there in a minute or two.

So yea check out the mods for GTA most of you already have the game no doubt, but see if you can get the download for the mods for the extra added chaotic fun. Later.


GTA IV: Got Mods?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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