Captain America: The Winter Soldier Great Pick

Cap Is Back On Track


IMG_0029[1]Captain America: The Winter Soldier was pretty great, I liked the fighting sequences to it plus the story wasn’t too dried up like a lot of superhero movies have been in the past except for a few.

But this one got me in tuned quickly because of the fact that Captain America had basically met his match in an individual called the “Winter Soldier”, who turns out to be an old friend of Steve Rogers himself.

The plot is relative enough as it tells of a situation that places the Captain back into action, only thing is that he is still trying to adjust to his new time in the world of 2014.

A lot of people didn’t understand Captain America much (unless you read the comic book or watched the old school movie versions, LOL I didn’t), but he winds-up getting frozen in ice for years then gets released after being discovered by scientists who can’t believe that he is still embedded into the ice. Then out of the blue he’s gone LOL, he escapes into society trying to find what he knows from so many years ago but everything has changed on him completely so he is hopelessly lost.

IMG_0031[1]Chris Evans that now plays the iconic superhero is doing just that as Captain America, because in the film he still tries to understand things like social media which is starting to grow on him slowly.

Falcon played by Anthony Mackie tries to help Rogers adjust to society at large, and all that it has to offer. He cracks jokes trying to lighten the mood for Rogers, but the Captain seems to be sharply aware and relies on his learning curve to all of it by taking notes LOL.

You have other characters like the Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel Jackson playing of course as Nick Fury.

Even Robert Redford got into the act playing the antagonist role in the film, that matches up against Fury at the end.

Captain America himself partners up with Widow to do a little “Tactical Espionage” as they go in to stop an enemy that is staying IMG_0030[1]out in the –District of Columbia– or what many know as Washington D.C., the enemy Winter Soldier is out in D.C. Wreaking much havoc down upon the Captain when it’s time to make himself known to him that is.

The fight scenes between the two just go viral to extreme levels, the Winter Soldier is obvious trained well to handle himself against anything that Captain A could possibly throw at him. It gets to the point where they are at a stalemate, however Soldier seems to have a little more drive in the fight.

IMG_0032[1]America then realizes in the fight he is actually fighting his friend Bucky Barnes, who fought along side of him in WW2 against the Nazis. So yea imagine the eye-opener that was for the Cap LOL. A further eye-opener is the starting point for the Winter Soldier that was basically taken into the ranks of the Soviets, in return they brainwashed him into converting to their side which went on for 5 decades (50 years).

(fighting his old time war buddy / sidekick that was brainwashed yea that can bring some heavy baggage from the past)

So that should tell you right there about his combat ability & tactics, making him a IMG_0033[1]literal ‘bear’ of problems for anybody that he is to go after and dispose of. Another weird angle as well about Soldier was the fact that he faded more and more from marvel comics over time ultimately being replaced by Golden Girl, who was a side-kick to Captain America.

(Nick Fury talks it over with Alexander Pierce for a favor?)

Maybe in the future they might introduce a more detailed back-story to Cap’s early days when he teamed up with other heroes, the other characters definitely could bring more light to the shadow when telling a classic tale on the silver screen.

For the most part the movie is a great pick, and have to say it’s not a waste of time that will have you kicking the floor in frustration haha. Hey check out the link below see ya.



Captain America: Winter Soldier review



Captain America: The Winter Soldier Great Pick


(By: Jaye Irons)





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