Juile Hermann Statement Of The True

Is She Psychic Or Is It Just Memorex?


IMG_0032[1]Juile Hermann might have bitten way more of than anybody could possibly chew of a “Charleston Chew” candy bar, wait are those even still around anymore? Don’t think so…

But nevertheless this young lady said a few things bringing up the topic of a popular once-vibrant publishing company called “The Star-Ledger” making a big fat wish to ‘oust’ the company from existence once and for all.

Now gotta say right away there are some people who simply HATE their jobs, and letsIMG_0037[1] face it there are a lot of people who feel this way everyday. Many crave the notion to win the lottery or have a serious accident at the job site, and would be ready to suit the pants off of that company for who knows how much and move on with their life.

(Hermann’s wish really came true and 167 employees got the ‘axe’ by coincidence)

Does sound desperate but understand this is true, even in most statistics where employees of random companies would be thinking the same type of “way-out” have leaned toward this concept for years.

One young lady by the name of Julie Hermann, basically feels this way even though in her mind it maybe somewhat less serious to want to get injured badly at her job which she feels is not worth a dime or time what so ever.

So with that being said you have to ask why does she feel this way about a publishing newspaper company that was once a big success on top of the world (Sun-Times was still higher of course, they could never touch it by far).

So she went and said the “magic” words that now might not haunt her, because she did state that she felt that the company just needed to pack it up and spread out. Then guess what after she delivery the testimony to he request, it then came true that the company would indeed would fold.

IMG_0038[1]Not celebrating a company’s demise not to mention the jobs of many to go along with it, but –joking to speak– Hermann seemingly made this request and it happened, so would somebody ask this girl to just say something like…

Tomorrow that one guy that I know in the post office by where I live, will win the 50 million-dollar jackpot and then retire.”

LOL if that would happen the next day, I would be next in line to have Hermann make a money prediction for me hands down haha.

A lot of cynicism surrounds Hermann in terms of her humanity or rather her ability to not be so cold claims have come before about how she conducts herself towards others, when she was coaching a Women’s volleyball team at the University of Tennessee almost 20 years ago.

IMG_0035[1]Players there were bringing up the fact that Hermann’s method of motivation to them was more like daily insults that were very harsh, some of these girls were saying that she was referring to them as whores, or having a difficult time comprehending (learning problems she would joke about regarding them), and even said that they were alcoholics.

(Tim Pernetti A.K.A. the “Terminator’s Cousin” stomping around on the court floor, only thing missing are the dark shades)

So they brought forth the issue that Hermann was mentally abusing them, other coaches had fallen into the same situation a few names pop-up right away (Bobby Knight, Tim Pernetti just to start it off right there).

IMG_0034[1]I have seen a basketball game where Knight was coaching and all I could say about that was dam really he just downed a player like it was going out of style, so I couldn’t see how this could motivate a player to do better with added pressure and insults.

(LOL Bobby Knight, where could one even start to tell you about that red tornado waiting to stir-up some high tuberlant winds of destruction)

Pernetti ‘outsed’ himself out of a job as coach when he would refer to players as being too soft shouting (gay slurs) at them during basketball practice, so again how would this help your team to get better.

I would think it would piss players off, and not give a dam afterwords to really want to win after that. Insult someone long enough then guess what, they might just up and walk away from you all together then where does that leave you the coach at? You know they might get the occasional tumble weed that rolls by in your common ghost town and all so yea kinda by yourself type deal.

Motivate your players in a positive way, the results could definitely pay off better. But hey I’m not a coach of course but if I was a player wouldn’t put up being insulted like I was garbage left in the a dump field waiting to be discarded into the trash compactor LOL. That’s not me.

IMG_0036[1]Sadly most young players accept the insults because they feel that it what they have to do, so they swallow their pride and just roll with it.

But this whole thing with Hermann really hit the mark, because after she made statements to a student wishing for the Star-Ledger to just drop off the map and close up shop.

(wonder if she is thinking about the forecast for next week, if she gets that right then Tom Skilling might be out of a job…)

It actually happened and now you have 167 employees without a job, wow talk about the power of suggestion right? Another thing is this, I know they have to boiling mad at her for saying that and then turn around and lose their jobs.

One would then start to contemplate whether or not Hermann had some type of inside info to all of this, but she already came out and said that she did not have any involvement what so ever.

But it does seem strange that she makes a statement like that, then “presto” 167 people lose their jobs… Controversial probably, strange yea it is, will the former employees let this go anytime soon, H**L NO. I’m pretty sure they will seek out answers after the “prediction statement” coming from Hermann’s mouth and now they sit and home waiting for employment to kick in. Ouch…


Julie Hermann: Unleashed


Juile Hermann Statement Of The True


(By: Jaye Irons)


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