Obamacare Plans Seeing Some Red Lights

Some People Are Not In Complete Sync With It


IMG_0035[1]With a substantial amount of people that have signed up for obamacare thus far, other are starting to wonder if this could be a sweet deal for health insurance the thing that could turn a lot around in their lives knowing that they have a great health care provider.

On the other hand of the situation you still have a big problem that deals directly with the health-care plan and all of it’s glory, and that would be exactly what are you signing up for when going through this plan?

Many might not think too much into this very well, most often many are just jumping aboard the boat thinking that this health-care plan is properly thought all the way though. So again the question comes into play, is it really design to solve all of your health care woes and worries.

Well in order to answer these questions you first have to start with the reason obamacare was established in the first place, from there that should help you to come to an conclusion about it in your own perspective all together.

IMG_0033[1]There are already a lot of people that are NOT to happy with obamacare, and these would be people who have an idea of what costs they will be facing amongst other tax expenses that are already leaning against them like a broken tree tilting over an already unstable wired fence.

(looks like some of that was written in “old English constitution” lettering)

Taxes along have ravaged this country, and to offset other things in our daily lives will come from “us” that already broke down and out tax paying citizens.

You see we are the ones that pay for it all, even if they do say that the obamacare is an affordable health-care plan is it really? Or is it just here-say being said to sound good in our ears.

Not putting a damper on democratic party, but say if Mitt Romney did win the election then would tax-hikes be established like they are now? Who can really say… Most should know by now that political views and factions can lean in any given direction, regardless of who is placed in the ‘Oval Office’.

And when the matter of health care benefits are at stake, it can push anybody back against the wall square firmly as if you were riding the “Cajun Cliffhanger” ride at the six-flags Great America theme park. LOL talk about a rock and a hard place…

Now the thing is that really is making people suspicious of obamacare would be the high-costs for the medical benefits that it provides them, one huge problem for this would be for the older generation of people who have signed up for it.

This means that they have chose to sit this round out and not go for the sign-up package for benefits, so higher costs come into play for the older generation as the end result.

IMG_0034[1]Let’s face it retirement plans and pensions are taking a beating because of this issue, so by the time around Nov. 15 will be the deciding factor for the younger generation whether or not they will choose to sign for the benefits at that time.

(Wow all those people that don’t have to worry about it, hell makes you wonder if Bugs Bunny & Yo Simmty Sam are ‘exempt’ from the plan as well? LOL)

If they do then it could cut down medical costs, you know that would be music to the older generation’s ears if it pans out.

Other opinions firmly believe that health care costs will go over the margin (financially) putting more money woes on the economy as a whole, you also have some other that say it will either stay the same, and some others feel that it will drop but that is viewed in a smaller opinionated margin.

Another thing that many Americans are thinking, is that these opinions have swayed very little in costs going down. And election time isn’t far off, so this could be the thing that could definitely make or break President Obama when that time comes.



Obamacare is catching some flak from citizens



Obamacare Plans Seeing Some Red Lights


(By: Jaye Irons)

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