The Yankovic Music Theory

Weird Sensations Got Him Fame


IMG_0039[1]Weird “Al” Yankovic is probably not to well-known to the newer generation today in the world of music, but he is surely known to many who are older that have seen the crazy antics that goes into his music parodies that have brought up so much controversy throughout his entire career.

He started out in radio during his sophomore year in school, he would then later meet with Dr. Demento who had a radio program show called Demento’s Comedy Radio Showthat was given a tape from Yankovic.

This would be just a small step for Yankovic as he was trying to become recognized for his off the wall and even “backwards” type of music talents that he would often embed into his work, the type was a recording of Yankovic playing his accordion onto a basic run-of-the-mill tape recorder (wait do those even still exist today the cassette recorders that is LOL).

You probably could find those either at a pawn shop or on eBay, but for Yankovic this was decades earlier in time plus that’s all he had to go on anyway.

IMG_0038[1]He lucked out eventually as he had caught the attention of a club manager named Jay Levey that was tuned into what Yankovic was cooking, Levey liked the reversed comical ideas that Yankovic’s material was based upon.

From there he would talk it over with Yankovic about doing things on a grander scale, so yea Yankovic hit “pay dirt” meaning that he was pretty much already primed to exploit his talent in front of many people who would later see him as an [musical iconic genius].

Yankovic was just one of those types of people who just had a “natural” calling for what they do, and another thing that was uncommon about him was that he insisted on doing most of his own work he might have had help but not much and that’s the way he preferred it.

Levey saw that in Yankovic and decided to pair him up with some background performers like Steve Jay who was bass player, Jim West who was Levey’s friend was great with the guitar, and some guy named Schwartz that was a drum player.

IMG_0037[1]So Yankovic had the ammo to now really go out there and make it known to people in the world, he would do this by picking out popular songs & tracks and like a blogger (such as me) would put a spin on any type of song that caught his attention and rewriting “spinoff lyrics” to it in his own redecorated words.

Now this would build up to some controversy over the years, but many had to admit the way he went about it was funny as h**l so you couldn’t help but to recognize what he was trying to do… He was finding a way to make you laugh same time, he was using music to link it all together. Yea genius stuff right there.

He did parody spin-off’s of songs like…


  • Eat It” from “Beat It”
  • Like A Surgeon” from “Like A Virgin”
  • Amish Paradise” from “Gangster Paradise”


Etc.. Etc.. He did kinda pissed off Coolio for doing the gangster parody LOL, but later Coolio and him became friends because again even Coolio had to see Yankovic’s talent and what he is capable of.

He even did a spinoff of “I Love Rock & Roll”, turning that around into “I Love Rocky Road” plus the kicker was that he used the very same set that the original group had done for the song haha. Talk about balls, Yankovic wasn’t afraid to enlist his ideas to anybody at any given time which made him a ‘definite’ great performer in music.



“Weird” Al Yankovic Spinoffs


The Yankovic Music Theory


(By: Jaye Irons)




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