Garfield Tries His Hand Playing Spidey

Webslinging With All The Stress


IMG_0046[1]There have been a lot of fans that have been trying to figure out if the new series of Spider-Man movies that are obviously in future sights, but how will this new brand of the gentry will make or break it.

Criticism is citing “Spiderman 2” already, and this is because the ideas that Hollywood has been trying to cram into marvel movies. You have to give them credit however, at least they are trying to get away from the ‘basic’ criminal that seem to headline the movie from the start of the series.

This would be the introduction of Green Goblin, which is a valid enemy even though it seems that he is a constant reoccurring character that just seems to never go away LOL.

IMG_0047[1]The good thing is that they decided to put in a couple of old foes that you know most people don’t know anything about, and they are Rhino and Electro.

It’s been a long time coming for this (personally I was thinking that the Shocker might play ball but maybe in another sequel).

IMG_0048[1]The approach to Peter Parker was more off-beat prior to when the series revolved around Toby McGuire, it’s now centered around Andrew Garfield who is trying to fill the role of the web-head crime fighter. The attitude is also altered to the point that Spider-Man now is portrayed to be more ‘relaxed’ and overly self-assured.IMG_0049[1]

(Electro’s look is cool but they could have went more with his actual costume, but what in h**l was they thinking about Rhino as a mech-suited villain LOL *Transformer RIP-OFF!* They should have stuck with the basic outfit that he wears which was like an enhanced muscle suit.)

Garfield states that he wanted to really bring more weight to the plight of superhero, with different criminals that are more deadly than you’re typical “Doc Oct” or even Green Goblin.

IMG_0050[1]One villain character that I know is very dangerous to Spider-man would be called “The Hobgoblin”, although Hobgoblin is not nearly as strong as Green Goblin (he’s basically a regular guy on a flying wing device like Green G).

(Hobgoblin one of the most craziest & dangerous hard to catch foes of Spider-Man, in his satchel bag he usually carries explosive pumpkins that do really big KA-BOOMS)

He makes up for that however as being extremely agile, and can elude danger like if he had a spider sense of his own. Spider-man has always had a h**l of time catching this guy, especially when hobgoblin briefly teamed up with Kingpin in the animated series of the Spider-Man gentry TV series in the 90’s.

IMG_0043[1]The most disappointing Spider-Man TV series was the 70’s, I like the intro music which is badass no doubt Spider-Man that was played by Nicholas Hammer he did the role ok. But the problem was that there were really no “MAJOR” criminals for Spider-Man to go against (I don’t really count robbers or you’re basic petty crime criminals to make the cut for the entire TV series then).

(Spidey Sense is tingling, which was how it worked in the 70’s version show starring Nicholas Hammer as Spider-Man)

The show didn’t last that long I think it did one in a half seasons, and then it was a wrap so it was somewhat a waste of time to do the show in the first place but again it was the 70’s version.

So who knows Garfield might just be able to breathe life back into this iconic superhero yet, I even saw something that might put the web-head into future marvel movies with the Captain.

But it’s too hard to tell right now what the movie production crew will do for that idea, so just have to dream about it until they do put Spider-Man on the squad riding shotgun off the side of building walls LOL.

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Garfield Tries His Hand Playing Spidey


(By: Jaye Irons)

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