Pope Francis Says “No Way Jose” To Crowe

The Vatican Said No To Russell Crowe?


IMG_0044[1]It is indeed hard to see the Vatican himself (unless you are attending a Sunday mass event), there are what you would call “rules of engagement” to some degree when dealing with the religious official.

(yea doesn’t look to joyful about seeing Crowe you think?)

It’s nothing personal of course, but that’s just how things are in life. He is always heavily guarded the reason being is that he basically sticks out like a sore thumb when in public. And who’s to say that somebody doesn’t have a death wish for him, any type of public figure-head throughout the test of time has basically had some hate mail come their way.

With social media as the new way to just reach out and criticize someone, it void out the old school way of doing it by the haters to just show up and start talking in person with ear-drumming controversy for the ears around to hear.

IMG_0045[1]This is usually the way that they would try to make an important person just look either foolish or bad in front of their attend audience. So with the push of a button on a computer, cyber-texting your message by email or whatever other apps that are at your disposal to chop-up someone with harsh words.

(Crowe on the other hand was docking his ship into the pier ready & wired to meet the Pope)

This is a little off the wall however when Russell Crowe had come out to an event all the while the Pope was going to be at the very same event, so yea what are the chances right?

You would think the two would probably be willing to shake hands, and commending each other for things that they have accomplished in their lives so far. Not the Pope however; he didn’t want to “stir-up” the crowd, so he figured if he was to talk to Russell it would start what you would call a volcanic eruption of the sorts.

IMG_0046[1]The event was to be a meeting between the two, why they wanted to meet who could possibly even know other than God himself. The only other reason I could think that they would meet, would probably be religious related type of topic.

(Crowe portray the ‘iconic’ Noah on the film set)

And what could you associate with Crowe that deals with his profession? Give up? Yea I knew you would have a hard time thinking on this one, but you should know that his movie that he starred in “Noah” could possibly have something to do with the meeting.

Or the fact the Crowe is a non-Catholic all together, this is what Crowe stated which might have heated the pot to a degree. But it was basically the movie that had some religious onlookers seeing that red, that red cape that the Matador welds back and forth in front of the bull’s face causing the nostrils to flare up fast.

The reason why that came down like it did, was because of the way that the characters was depicted in the film itself.

IMG_0047[1]Religious made movies always seems to cause a lot of controversy that spills over onto the social media internet airwaves, or even public statements ion TV might come up aimed at the one who has been branded a ‘target’ which in this case would be Crowe himself.

(these guys of the congregation I’m pretty sure is thanking Francis for turning down the invite for the meeting that would have clashed ugly in the eyes of “spectators”)

So now you have to know that the Pope DOES NOT want any of that coming his way, the media, the at the dinner table stories in households, or even questions that might pop up at a Sunday mass gathering.

So in short Pope Francis saw it like this, if he and Crowe were to cross paths it would cause one of the biggest “distractions” amongst Catholic believers and history.

So the whole thing was put to rest before it could even step out of bed LOL, but Crowe himself wanted to meet the Pope. Crowe feels that meeting him was a big deal, but I guess the Pope isn’t trying to meet him halfway what so ever on the chance to return the favor by meeting him.

Crowe might feel a little bit surprised that the Pope would feel this way, but it is the Vatican and he’s going to do what he has to for the sake of peace and calmness haha.






Pope Francis Says “No Way Jose” To Crowe


(By: Jaye Irons)

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