WGN Tells The Lottery To Pack It’s Bags

It Might Leave The Chicago’s Very Own Station?


IMG_0048[1]So here’s a very rude awaking for those who view Illinois Lottery on WGN channel 9, and if you didn’t know bout it I’m about to drop a bomb on Chicagoians that will in no doubt piss you off nice and good.

So the talk about the Illinois lottery drawing that comes on basically everyday (from what I remember), has been on channel 9 for what seems like forever.

Since 1974 was when the lottery was introduced to Illinois ideas for tele-broadcast  by Northstar Lottery Group and WGN would later start to broadcast it on TV, it would run daily and have a huge fan base watching (LOL takes no genius to know that it is the lottery).

IMG_0050[1]The lottery showings on the station at anytime would tell if a person in the Chicago area has won millions, and it made history at doing just that.

But I know people here are asking, why in the h**l do they want to take away the lottery, why is it leaving WGN after three decades being broadcast?

The answer to that will serve as a mind-bending one once you are told, so how does the old saying goes “a dish best served cold” is fitting to what you’re about to learn of this.

IMG_0049[1]Superintendent Michael Jones of the Illinois Lottery is the one that is pulling the plug on the program that was a major part of the WGN’s 5 minute time slot. You have to know that millions probably were tuning into Channel 9 to try their hand at possibly winning big, ratings for this program had to be going through the roof so why the plug pull on it now?

Well and this will hurt the windy city; the reason it’s leaving WGN is because it is local… Just that simple, I think because everything else has updated so much with all of the technology that is in the world today that even the lottery can’t escape it’s grasps.

IMG_0051[1]The older generation will probably just take out the “old rusty shotgun” at this point, so like Obamacare that most feel like they are forced to go under for medical benefits plan the same goes for older folks that have to deal with the internet that now has most of their programs or anything else there.

(yea that’s a rusty ol’ pop gun right there)

Truth is they don’t like computers much, and feel that they are just for kids plus a waste of time. Those days are gone now so it’s time to accept the fact that society is definitely more of a mobile function now.



Michael Jones has been overseeing the long running program, and he now probably wants to take that huge step and put in out there to whomever else that might be itching to tune into to see the drawings where it will wind-up going off to. So you know that Jones will get paid for this planned idea, like he has been doing for over 40 years.

(yup it’s official the Cubs tickets are going, going, soon to be gone out of the WGN stadium)

Oh yea almost forgot the Chicago Cubs are packing their bags as well, as they plan to set sail off of the air from WGN forever…



LOL dam one would guess WGN-TV will just be a ghost town, but not really because they have made a lot of “prime time” slots for a lot of action TV series shows that has just popped-up out of the blue lately.

(that dam Uncle Sam, always counting his m-o-n-e-y!)

The lottery was pulling in huge audiences daily, and that means they are banking on some huge dough in the same process.

The lottery itself is worth so much money not even Uncle Sam could claim it, not if he decides to break his piggy bank wide-open.

IMG_0054[1]decides to break his piggy bank wide-open.

That being said this Michael Jones guy is not stupid, and he knows that he can venture out on a larger plateau pulling in 10 times or more when he ran the program on WGN.

So it would make a lot of dam sense to make it an “global affair”, this means a huge audience can now participate into the lottery than before when it was limited to just Illinois.

(like Ralph told Alice the producers are telling Davey boy “One of these days Letterman”, and POW out of  World Wide Pants studios & straight to the Moon! A 5 knuckle sandwich productions!)

There it is in a nut shell, two more programs getting the boot from WGN, Dave Letterman can’t be apart of that good-bye party  because he is on CBS oh well no double chocolate good-bye ‘WGN’ cake for you pal you’ll just have to settle for that cheap CBS sherbet orange ice cream that they get from the corner ice cream shop off of 51 West 52nd Street at the corner of Sixth Avenue LOL.





WGN Tells The Lottery To Pack It’s Bags


(By: Jaye Irons)



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