Mayor Goes After Police Chief Because She Was Gay

Mayor Might Have Put His Foot Deep In His Own On Mouth


IMG_0046[1]Crystal Moore was a 20 year vet with the Latta Police Department is probably wishing that she could throw the newly elected mayor behind bars for showing his bad side that has stirred up some cold and cloudy conditions between the two.

So here enters the new elected mayor Earl Bullard that has put some serious spotlights on himself, throwing a lot of dust into the media and I’m sure that he will be getting some huge “fire-backs” (hate mail) for what he did to Moore that have served a long-time on the police force.

Now this looks like a personal situation in terms of preference, so the thing is this.

When it comes to dealing with any personal vendettas, and you are referring this to someone like Bullard who is a mayor that is going after Moore made public. Of course many would think that this is because he just hates a person’s lifestyle choice, but it is everybody’s right to live life the way they see fit. Or one would think so.

Truth is in society today that things have changed with racism, sexism, preference (lifestyle choices), living for you. Even though you are supposed be able to do what you want to do, there is always stipulations that say you can’t.

IMG_0047[1]And looking into the matter of how a mayor is targeting a Police Chief that has delivered 20 years of her life to a community, then once in office because of his idea that he feels that she shouldn’t be able to continue to do her job because of her lifestyle choice is ridiculous.

(statements that’s gonna hurt when it comes for re-election time ya think?)

Didn’t he stop to think that Moore has a right to make a living for herself, doesn’t he understand that times are hard and she is hard at work trying to keep a community on the right path ensuring citizens safety (not to mention that she will be unemployed because of this) and not focus on her personal life instead.

That’s how it is you see it’s no point in denying it the world will truly never be ready to accept people for who they are, ever since the time of Kane & Able that was just another “testament” of how two people who just couldn’t come to terms. The result Kane taking out his own brother simply because he couldn’t accept him for who he was.

IMG_0049[1]From that time forth it was destined for man to kill due to bias beliefs, that was generations ago and has passed down from the time of Julius Caesar, Christopher Columbus, Adolf Hitler, just a few names to throw out because the list goes on…

(yea Kane had very ill feelings toward Abel and was not coming to terms with his own brother so you know the end result from there)

There was some extra details though to this story with Mayor Bullard that was not “off the record”, he really went out of his way to make it known about how he feels about people who are gay using Moore an instrument in that manner.

He made suggestions in the forms of slurs that he directed toward Moore after he decided that she needed to be removed as Police Chief, he did this by using the media to do his bidding indirectly.

The reason it got so personal between the two was because something that the Police Chief had uncovered on the
mayor, so yea that could have been the trigger to set this all off in the first place.


What she found out was that a city vehicle operator was using the equipment while on a suspended license, she also found out that the mayor had overlooked the procedure for doing a background check for Vontray Sellers that was the operator of the vehicle.

(ok so why didn’t the mayor just have some legal action taken in the proper procedure to get Sellers his license un-suspended and all of this could have been avoided from the start LOL)

So Sellers being the lucky number one had got the job despite the fact that he wasn’t supposed to have the position, the mayor than retaliated as a result going after Police Chief Moore.

IMG_0048[1]To sum it all up here you have a new hired mayor of a city, and is already founded out to be “crooked” from the jump. Wow nice LOL. So it looks like the Chief was doing her job, in the mayor’s eye-sight however she was doing the job to dam well.

(town meeting held in Latta addressing the issue of  Police Chief Crystal Moore removal from the force after 20 years by Mayor Earl Bullard)

Bullard also said that Moore was not granted permission for a background to be done on Sellers, he then accused her of bringing both disruption and disorder to the town of Latta.

After relieving her of duties, the mayor then makes a phone call. The call was a news segment that was released which had the mayor making various anti-gay remarks such as making the comment that he preferred alcoholics rather than homosexuals.



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Mayor Goes After Police Chief Because She Was Gay


(By: Jaye Irons)



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