Government Correctiveness Failing Americans On A Daily Basis

They Control Everything Including Us


IMG_0054[1]So what can you say about Government in this country, is it for us, or is it for those who are making back-end deals (the elite rich, CEO’s, IRS, etc., etc.,) clinging to it’s power and will use the Government to go after or out-right smash someone that they feel needs to be stifled.

You have to sit back and say to yourself that at times when you think about the “Almighty” Government can do what they want, how they wish, and they don’t even stop to think of anybody who they either fear or wonder if they will be dealt with in the worst possible way.

So I started to think deep about how the Government really feels about it’s citizens that inhabit the land, or better yet put The Land of the Free”, and yet that being said is followed shortly by a ?

IMG_0055[1]Why a question mark you might be saying? Whoops there it is again haha.

Well look around this country when you take a long look you might start to notice some things out of play, let’s even go as far to say messed-up on another level.

You see the definition of Government means, a system that governs over states and it’s citizens. Within the primal structure of it is legislative, arbitrators, and administrators.

Those are the key factors to forming a government right there, they are supposed to be for the people helping them to resolve issues within various communities, or helping to improve harsh situations that maybe plaguing a popular state (such as Illinois) which has been labeled “The Prison State”.

Well as of late the Government has NOT been on our side, in fact with new established laws that dictate to either guns, property tax laws, taxing the citizens in already poor communities ridiculously making up bogus laws to form an given excuse to further exempt money out of their pockets. Or they have a better plan yet, just keep draining the middle class folks until their mouths drop hitting the floor LOL.

IMG_0056[1]I couldn’t even begin to tell you about other cities that the Government has just seriously turned a blind eye to them, and it seems like they are not even on the radar.

A number of things can contribute to a city’s plummet and ultimate downfall, unemployment, closing schools (in some parts of the country like Chicago), crime just seems to keep growing to the point that if it was a gigantic statue could tower over the “Statue of Liberty”.

You have crooked individuals in the House of Representatives, bogus mayors such as Rob Ford that are non-inclined to help anybody or contribute to change in any way that the people of Toronto deserves.

IMG_0059[1]Whoever the mayor of Detroit happens to be, just need to go bury their head in the sand next to a camel. That city is beyond saving, this was said before on the CW show of Arrow when the Green Arrow says he needs to save his city (Starling City). If he walked into a mess like Detroit surely he would quickly pack up his bow & queer, and head over to the unemployment line fast.

LOL it’s gotten to the point that you can’t even trust the IRS, it wasn’t like you could really trust them 100% anyway right however they claim that they really don’t want your money…

All of that goes flying out the window straight over the top balcony once you owe them something LOL, if they owe you they just take their precious sweet time to get back to you when you more in likely need the cash ASAP (As Soon As Possible).

IMG_0060[1]Crooked presidents in office Nixon is a sore thumb that sticks out there; ever hear of Watergate?

Wars being fought over seas that obviously has nothing to do with us, BUT if the U.S. sees an opportunity to gain from any war will jump into it making deals for compensation on the side despite the fact that they are sending soldiers into battle that might not make it. They don’t care the government they just tell them to pray to God, and do their country proud in trying to win a losing situation that could arise but make it home in one piece.

IMG_0061[1]Most Americans didn’t even want to enter the Vietnam war in the first place (Muhammad Ali risked prison to avoid it for God’s sake which lead him to boxing), but most were forced to coincide into it anyway pressured by the American government (Uncle Sam Ideology) what was really at stake was the clothes that you wear on your back today.

Profit channeling done by the U.S., on top of that the U.S. secretly feared the fact that communism could expand in Asia and they were definitely afraid of that taking hold. So they basically didn’t care how many soldier would go into the war, as long as they win it! Plain & Simple.

IMG_0058[1]I even think that the U.N. Is a waste of time and a big fat cover-up (United Nations), they strive to seek peace however yet have they ability to obtain it after all of these years LOL.

And the government has it’s hand in the cookie jar there as well, so all and all face it the government will continue to screw us, and screw us, and SCREW US until either the screw plows all the way through the wooden board or the board snaps into because the screw was drilled through it’s middle.

Yea gotta love the government, they definitely have their best interest for us!

That last italicized line was the joke punch line of course… Haha see ya later.,+Self-Interest+and+the+Vietnam+War


Government Correctiveness Failing Americans On A Daily Basis


(By: Jaye Irons)


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