IRS’s Just Desserts: No Coconut-Lemon Pie For Them Tonight!

IRS On The “Hit-List”?


IMG_0063[1]I loving this big time finally the number one and only IRS is getting a taste of that “Father John’s” god awful medicine (it was for colds or sinus problems for kids) that I had to take when I was a kid, that stuff REALLY did taste bad I would even grab the salt shaker and had to sprinkle some on my tongue just to curve that lactose liquid that could turn the girl’s head in the “Exorcist” movie a couple more times than demonically possible LOL.

But here we are just when I got done talking about Governmental Correctiveness” in the last post, we stumble back again on government issues dealing with the notorious tax auditors themselves.

Now right off we know that even the IRS can f**k-up on processing your tax return that could be due to you, even though you may not realize that they can make (here we go) “MISTAKES”.


It does happen but do you think that the IRS will fess up to it? LOL don’t hold your breathe, no I mean really don’t there’s no point in turning yourself blue in the face like Papa Smurf.

But yea they mess up, but they won’t fess up to the crime. Instead they can take the detour route, and concoct a story making you out to be the one responsible even though you have done no wrong.

It happened to me a few years back in 08′ and I decided to do my own taxes for that year, so after I filed and expecting to get my return in the mail there was another paper from them that many don’t want to see coming.

The letter stated that I have made an error of my tax refund letter form that I had submitted to them by mail carrier, and told me that I owed them LOL.

IMG_0066[1]First I just busted into laughter you know, because I knew they were on bulls**t from the start right there.

It wasn’t much at all that I had to either state that was mines, no kids, no dependents, no business, nada, ziltch, nothing but just the basic simple amount that was owed to me from them.

So I called an IRS agent to see what the deal was, she just told me that she would put an “inquiry” regarding my situation with my return that I filed.

After a few weeks would you guess, but they themselves were the ones responsible for the goof up 🙂

So that got me off the hook, and placed IRS into the gray area. So basically what I mean about that is were exactly does IRS’s loyalties lie?

Now if someone naive goes and say they are for us then they need to have their head examined, and we can just go ask Hugh Hefner to provide the funds to do so. And it’s not like IRS hasn’t been in the news lately, they have been really ranking up the ratings on a lot of news networks (even FOX) the reason being is of no shock as to be expected as well.

IRS basically went and stepped into some dog s@*t yet again, they decided to unleashed ugly attacks on various conservative groups and now they are under the gun themselves as a result.

This came about after scandalous e-mails rang out like a typical Friday night in Chicago where residents might heard shots from who knows how many different directions.

Documents were gathered by Department of Justice, they discovered that the IRS have been bad, very bad indeed, they were setting up a plan to involve law enforcers and officials using them to back up their “false” claims against right wing groups. WOW how dare those bastards right? Haha.

IMG_0065[1]There was even more fresh dirt laid out in IRS’s flower bed, (you know that soft silky soil stuff that you could literally sink into) they were targeting applicants in different positions or jobs lying on them by making up false accusations to get them fired and put out of a job. It gets even better because not only were they going to frame particular individuals, but also include a bogus criminal background (made up by them) to incriminate whoever they decide needs to be…

(yea he’s really letting it be known about feelings towards them in the worst way LOL)

The targeting that they were doing was on low-level employees of different departments in the organization itself. WOW how low can IRS really go?

Apparently lower than microscopic proportions, when you really think what or why the IRS do what they do then I say you need to investigate and find out information that regards any misconduct on their part that had taken place.

IMG_0064[1]An investigation was launched against the great tax people of IRS, namely because they are abusing the h**l out of their taxing corruption capabilities that they seem to abuse more than Amanda Bynes did when they pulled her over and discovered the cup holder being used as an ash tray filtered with marijuana hash left-overs.

(“U Sam” always wants his dam cut!)

I say personally about the IRS… Feed them to the wolves LOL they don’t deserve any breaks none what-so-ever, especially how they go after innocent citizens who are honestly just trying to pay their taxes.

IRS bullies a lot of citizens so it’s appropriate that they should get the same you think? Of course you do, after all who likes the IRS LOL. Maybe the rich or maybe not even that, because the tax write-off days for them has been getting put out into light so that means time to pay the rent for them :-/

Oh what’s with the face thy had to have known themselves that some day those tax-break privileges would get snatched so but surely it is even for the rich. LOL



IRS’s Just Desserts: No Coconut-Lemon Pie For Them Tonight!


(By: Jaye Irons)



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